Product launch event: 5 incredible location ideas

18 February 2019 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

A product launch is an important step in the life of a company. It’s a bit like preparing for the arrival of a new family member. After working for weeks or even months on a project. After having created it, shaped it, watched it grow in some way, it is time to present it to the general public. But there’s no way we’re doing this in a hurry in the office meeting room.

On the contrary, you need to find a place that is worthy of the event, a place that will make a lasting impression and contribute to the success of your product launch event. To find the perfect match, you sometimes have to move heaven and earth and as an event planner, you often need to put that energy into another mission. That’s why Eventdrive has decided to make it easier for you by presenting its 5 favorites for the organization of a memorable product launch event.


Choose a mythical place

If you want to make a difference, you might as well choose a place that appeals to everyone. And who’s not a big Mickey fan? Organizing your event in a place as magical as Disneyland will necessarily please all your guests. The famous theme park has two large convention centres capable of accommodating no less than 25,000 people! If your guest list is not as long, you can also rent the Disney Event Arena, which can accommodate up to 6,000 people. Imagine the amazement of your guests when they see the Disneyland colours on their invitation! You will have begun to seduce them before they even set foot in your product launch. The objective is half-achieved. ?

Benefit from an invigorating cure


Focus on the atypical

If you want to get off the beaten track, there is no shortage of original places to visit. A few steps from the centre of Paris, why not launch your product in a cellar? Don’t worry, what we have in mind is not a gloomy scenery a little like the catacombs of the capital. On the contrary, we think of an old wine cellar entirely equipped to welcome your guests, a little like what the Cave des Bernadins offers. Looking for an original proposal in a completely different field? The Académie Fratellini, Cité des Arts et du Cirque, offers more than 5000 square metres of space for your product launch. An ideal place that can be (almost) customized!

Have a look at the La Cave des Bernadins


Use your touch of madness

As we all know, the launch of a new product is a crucial step in the life of a company. So why not take this opportunity to show a little offbeat side? Renting the famous Moulin Rouge to achieve this goal seems to be the best thing to do. Imagine for a moment your guests in the cabaret atmosphere, surrounded by a Belle Époque inspired decoration, attentive to the launch of your new baby. Believe us, they will necessarily be receptive to what you are going to tell them! The Moulin Rouge allows you to accommodate nearly 900 guests, enough to invite your entire address book!

Live a pathbreaking experience


Did you say culture?

Why not choose to bring a cultural touch to your event? Many museums offer private spaces that are ideal for a product launch. In addition to presenting a new product that will make a lasting impression, your guests will be able to take advantage of the evening to admire artworks that they would not have had the chance to see in other circumstances. Such an exceptional setting is rarely chosen for a product launch and yet it offers many advantages. The Carnavalet Museum in Paris offers the rental of its Salon Bouvier, for example. In the heart of Paris, it can accommodate more than 50 people. With its rich historical past, this place will certainly leave no one indifferent! If you need a larger room for your event, the Grand Palais also offers various spaces for rent. Of course, the Nave with its famous glass roof will have its little effect, but you can also choose a more intimate place, such as the VIP lounge!

Discover a refreshing experience


Choosing prestige

For a successful event, you can also choose a prestigious venue, where elegance and luxury are the masters! After all, a product launch event can be an opportunity to take things to the next level. There is no shortage of great places to visit in our beautiful country. You can choose a Château on the shores of the Loire or a panoramic restaurant in the south of France in particular. Paris also has many assets. Yacht Josephine, for example, offers a cozy setting and a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Being on a boat, the capacity is limited to 60 people, but wouldn’t it be crazy to launch your product in front of the Iron Lady? If you are afraid of getting seasick, you can choose to rent a domain in the south of France, like Mas de So, which offers the organization of luxury events. Perfect for you, isn’t it?

Visit this unexpected treasure in the heart of Paris

yatch josephine salon eventdrive

Did you like our ideas? You’re already imagining setting up your event in one of these places, aren’t you? And you’re absolutely right! Be careful, however, not to forget that these grandiose or atypical places are either booked very quickly, and in these cases it is necessary to think about booking well beforehand, or offered for rent at a high rate. If this is the second problem, all you have to do is negotiate to get the best price, but also sort out on your side to reduce unnecessary expenses. Keep in mind that if your place is truly magical, it will impress your guests and you will already have come halfway to a successful product launch. So, shall we go for it?

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