Our Last-minute Advice for Your End-of-Year Party

03 December 2021 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.
conseils soirée fin d'année entreprise

December has come to an end, winter is starting to settle in (you too are cold?) and the holidays are approaching. And of course, at Eventdrive, we also think of the end-of-year parties at work! An essential moment for employees and the management team as well, this event is an opportunity for the boss to show his gratitude to his employees. It is also the perfect moment to share a good time together, without pressure and in a relaxed atmosphere.

An end-of-year party can be planned weeks in advance. But it is not too late to work on the small details that will make your event memorable. To achieve this, Eventdrive offers you its advice on how to organize THE evening of the year!

end of the year party

Check Your Guest List

At the moment, your invitations have probably been sent out several weeks ago at least we hope so. Otherwise, it’s time to get started! You should normally have an idea of the number of guests who will be there.

This is when you can potentially expand your guest list. Depending on the budget allocated to your event and the number of people expected, why not invite your collaborators’ family to come? Inviting a +1 is a particularly valuable initiative, so if you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to do so! The organization of an event open to spouses and children allows you to offer your employees a good time with their family, while improving corporate cohesion. Multiple benefits for a few more guests, it’s worth it, right?

Don’t forget to entertain your guests!

Your end-of-year party is fast approaching and the entertainment activity you were expecting has just failed you — or you just didn’t think of an activity to liven up your party (we won’t tell anyone if that’s the case). Don’t panic! There are low-cost options that you can implement very quickly. For example, you can rent a photo booth and provide accessories. Leave a few hats, colorful glasses or one or two feathered boas next to the camera and you’re sure to have some great memories of the evening.

Otherwise, why not use a magician? The magic tricks will delight young and old — if you have listened to our advice and invited the children ;-). Another original idea is to invite a portraitist or a cartoonist! It would please the greatest number of people.

Finally, if you prefer to make it simple, all you have to do is set up a small music group: pianist, guitarist, singer… You could even suggest to some collaborators to take care of the animation. Who knows, there may be hidden talents in your team?

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A Small Gift That Makes People Happy

At Christmas, receiving a small gift is always a pleasure, you know it! Having a little attention for your employees will make a lasting impression. No need to think of a present that will empty the company’s bank account and reduce next year’s budget before it has even begun. A gift card or a small box of chocolate doesn’t seem to be much, but it’s a small detail that will make everyone happy.

However, it is prohibited to grant gifts of different values, depending on how long someone work in the company or the number of days your employees were actually present. This practice can be heavily sanctioned by the URSSAF. The purpose of the operation is not to get a fine, but to please everyone.

Launch Reminders

When you are busy at work, the end-of-year party organized by your company is not necessarily the priority. But for you, as the event planner, it is! To avoid finding yourself in front of a half-empty room, because your guests have forgotten to write down the date, don’t hesitate to send reminders.

Putting leaflets in strategic places, such as around the coffee machine or in the cafeteria may be a good idea, but in the digital age, emails and reminders on smartphones will be much more effective. Thanks to Eventdrive, you can send push notifications to all guests who have confirmed their presence at the event. With just one click, everyone receives a reminder. Perfect, isn’t it?

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Don’t Ignore the Speech

We can already see you complaining as you read these lines! You’re telling yourself that speeches are boring, that you don’t want it during the end-of-year party, that it’s going to scare people away… And yet, it’s essential to take a moment to let the business leader speak.

This moment is important for both employees and the manager. It is an opportunity to thank the employees for the work they have done throughout the year, but also to encourage them for the challenges ahead. A few words in a unifying tone, a reminder of the year’s highlights, all accompanied by a good dose of optimism and that’s it! This time can also be a moment to announce good news. In short, the end-of-year speech must be dynamic, motivating and above all… not too long!

If you follow our advice, don’t worry, your end-of-year party will be great! These few ideas can make a difference. 😉 Don’t forget that the holidays atmosphere will prevail. Don’t neglect the decoration of your event venue, think about every detail! And last but not least, and probably the most important advice: have fun! This evening is above all a time of relaxation with your team and should end the year in a positive way.

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