How do I know if my company is ready to use a solution for its event?

28 April 2020 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.
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Organizing an event can prove to be a perilous task. It usually starts small, with organizing a meeting for a dozen colleagues. Then, the next step involves arranging a cocktail for the entire company. If the company thrives, it's even possible to receive much larger requests with hundreds of guests to manage! 🤯

To achieve this, it's no longer sufficient to rely solely on Excel files and basic project management tools. This is where event management platforms come into play. All-in-one event software has been developed to help make organizing your event enjoyable. But how do you know if your company is truly ready to benefit from it? Today, we present to you all the advantages of these platforms.

A solution to help you plan your events

It's no longer feasible to manage various vendors, logistical aspects, and guest lists using a simple Excel file. Why? Simply because you now have too much information to handle. Therefore, to increase efficiency, it's imperative to be pragmatic and organized.

This is where event management platforms come into play and allow you to save valuable time. By using this type of management software, you can control your event budget, assign tasks to your collaborators, and manage exchanges with your partners from a single platform.

Event management solutions enable you to oversee your event organization comprehensively from a single collaborative platform. Say goodbye to multiple organizational meetings and hello to improved productivity!

By using an event management solution to assist you in your organizer mission, you centralize data and avoid information redundancy.

By choosing a tool that offers real-time synchronization, you streamline the work of all your teams, wherever they are. Collaboration becomes more relevant and enables your teams to work more efficiently, without wasting time on unnecessary email exchanges.

Take your strategy to the next level with an event solution 

Organizing a meeting for a dozen people remains relatively easy and requires few external resources. You just need to find a venue, contact one or two suppliers for equipment and meals, and ensure that all conditions are met to facilitate the work of the participants.

But what about end-of-year galas or professional trade shows? Don't you want to impress your attendees? With event management platforms, that becomes possible. By opting for an event software like Eventdrive, you can impress your guests long before the D-day, thanks to the invitations you'll send them! With event solutions, you can create personalized registration forms, design an event website, without needing to delve into coding. Moreover, it typically takes you 20 to 30 minutes to create an outstanding website in the colors of your event.

Do you want to personalize the invitations by offering specific conferences to impress your guests? It's possible through the creation of targeting lists that allow you to send the right message to the right recipient. In just a few moments, you can personalize your invitation emails and receive a real-time list of attendees. No need to spend hours searching for attendance confirmations in your inbox because everything is centralized and your contact lists are automatically updated.

The use of an event app

Often, the event organizer has a lot of preparation work beforehand, but leaves the task of entertaining the guests on the day of the event to another professional, the host.

With event solutions, one can now go further and support hosts with an event app. The principle is quite simple: guests just need to install an app on their smartphone and have it handy during the event.

The advantages of these apps are numerous. They facilitate check-in, a significant advantage when dealing with hundreds or even thousands of participants. They also promote interactions among guests through interactive games like creating a word cloud or setting up quizzes, etc.

Event apps are also a powerful tool that your participants can benefit from to facilitate networking. They can exchange messages privately and securely or easily share contact information with each other.

Getting in-depth reporting

Using basic project management methods, tracking and reporting on an event can quickly become limited. While simple charts can be created to quickly analyze collected data, it's essential to gather the right information during the event. To obtain a comprehensive report, event solutions are much more relevant.

Indeed, it's possible to generate customized reports in real-time through data collection. With just a few clicks, you can measure participant satisfaction, draw conclusions on the results achieved, monitor the return on investment of your actions, and thus ensure better profitability.

The processes of organizing a corporate event are evolving rapidly, and it's important to stay updated. This observation is even more true when the events to be organized are becoming increasingly significant. The basic tools used by the company can quickly become obsolete. By using an event solution, you not only save time but also improve your productivity. When basic methods are no longer sufficient, it's time to switch to suitable tools and professional organization.

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