How do I know if my company is ready to use a solution for its event?

28 April 2020 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.
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Organizing an event is a mission that can be risky. In the beginning, you start small by organizing a meeting for 10 employees. Then you move on to the next step by organizing a cocktail party for the whole company. And then it is even possible to have much bigger requests if the company is flourishing, with hundreds of guests! To achieve this, it is no longer possible to be satisfied with Excel files and a basic project management tool. This is where event solutions come into play. 

These all-in-one event software solutions have been designed to help you make organizing your event a real pleasure. But how do you know if your company is ready and can really benefit from it? Eventdrive brings you all the benefits of event solutions.


It’s official, your next event will have a new dimension for you. It is no longer possible to manage the different service providers, logistics points and the guest list with an Excel file. Why not? Because you now have far too much information to work with. In order to increase productivity, you need to be even more pragmatic and orderly from now on.

This is where event solutions come into play and save you valuable time. By using online event management software, you can control the event budget, assign tasks to your employees or manage discussions with your partners from a single location.

Event management solutions allow you to fully control the organization of your event from a single, fully collaborative platform. Goodbye multiple meetings to make points, hello increased productivity!

By choosing an event solution to help you in your mission as an organizer, you centralize data by limiting redundant information. By choosing a tool that provides real-time synchronization, you facilitate the work of all your teams, wherever they are.

Collaboration becomes relevant and allows your collaborators to work intelligently, without wasting time in unnecessary email exchanges.

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Organizing a meeting for a dozen people remains relatively easy and requires few external resources. All you have to do is find a venue, contact one or two external service providers for equipment and meals, and make sure that all the conditions are in place to facilitate the work of the employees. But what about end-of-year galas or trade shows? Don’t you want to impress your clients? With event solutions, it becomes possible.

By choosing an event software like Eventdrive, you can show your customers a lot before the day of the event. How can you do this? Thanks to the invitation emails you send them! With event solutions, it is possible to create customized registration forms or go one step further by designing an invitation site. And you don’t have to get your hands in the code to do this. It will take you an average of 20 to 30 minutes to create an exceptional website in the colors of your event.

Do you want to impress your guests by personalizing the invitations with specific conferences? This is possible thanks to the creation of targeting lists that allow you to send the right message to the right recipient.

Quickly, you personalize your invitation emails and receive an updated list of attendees in real time. No need to spend hours looking in your mailbox for attendance confirmations, everything is centralized and your contact lists are automatically updated.


Often, the event organizer has a lot of preparatory work ahead of time, but leaves the task of entertaining the guests on the day to another professional, the facilitator. 

With event solutions, it is now possible to go further and support presenters with an event application. The principle is quite simple: guests simply need to install an application on their smartphone and have it on hand during the event.

The advantages of these applications are multiple. They facilitate check-in, a significant advantage when you have hundreds or even thousands of attendees. They also allow for interaction between guests through interactive games such as the creation of a word cloud or the implementation of quizzes.

Event applications are also a powerful tool that your customers can use to facilitate networking. They will be able to communicate with each other thanks to a private and secure messaging system or exchange contact information very easily.


By using basic project management methods, post-event monitoring and reporting can quickly be limited. Graphs can be created easily and allow analysis of the data collected at a glance, although the right information must have been collected during the event. For advanced event reporting, event solutions are much more relevant.

It is indeed possible to create customized reports thanks to real-time data collection. In just a few clicks, you can measure the satisfaction of your participants and draw conclusions from the results, monitor the return on investment of your actions and thus ensure a better profitability.

The processes for organizing an event in a company evolve rapidly and it is necessary to know how to keep up to date. This is even more true when the events to be organized become more and more important. The basic tools used by the company are then quickly outdated. By using an event solution, not only do you save time, but you also increase your productivity. When the basic methods are no longer sufficient, then you have to move on to using the right tools and officially enter the big league.

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