A breathtaking awards ceremony

24 January 2019 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

Sometimes challenges or competitions are organized in companies. In addition to the commitment this creates for employees, it is above all an opportunity to organize an awards ceremony. And you’ve understood it, it’s the fun part we prefer at Eventdrive!

But organizing this kind of event is not necessarily an easy thing to do and blunders are possible. We all remember the Oscar ceremony in 2017, when one of the awards was given to the wrong person… To avoid this kind of embarrassment and maintain your company’s good reputation, here are some simple tips to follow when organizing an awards ceremony that we will not soon be forgotten.


Let’s start with the beginning.

Of course, we took the example of the Oscars in our introduction, but corporate awards are also common, although often less well covered by the media. And yet! Their importance is growing. Why? Because it is a sign of recognition particularly appreciated by employees.

As the founder of the cosmetics company Mary Kay said, “People want to be recognized and valued for the work they have done”. It is a model that this businesswoman has applied in her company by organizing ceremonies every year to reward the best employees. If you want to follow her example, there are many opportunities, even when you just want to reward your best recruits in a modest way.

If it is a small competition or a prize that is not very important, you can settle for an informal meeting. But if you really want to make a difference, the organization of a real (and great) ceremony is to be considered. In addition to honouring some of the employees, it is also an opportunity to thank all employees by inviting them to a corporate event. Find a selection of places that change from the ordinary in this article.

As an event planner, we know that you want to do great to organize a memorable event. But be careful! The mission is not that simple. Here are a few points not to be overlooked when setting up a breathtaking project.


Have an effective communication campaign

Before the big day, it is important that you take the time to establish a solid communication campaign. To achieve this, it is essential that the process used for this ceremony be clear, to avoid any resentment or feeling of injustice.

What are the prizes that will be awarded? Will the winners be notified in advance? Will the various trophies be awarded all at once or throughout the evening? These kinds of details should be known in advance to facilitate the evening. Anticipation is the key! By having all the elements to your knowledge, you will be able to set up a much more relevant communication campaign.

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Choose an incredible place

The setting of an event is very important, it is not to you that we will tell it!

But this is even more true at an awards ceremony. Believe me, the presentation of the “Best Employee of the Year” award will not have the same effect if it takes place next to the coffee machine or if, on the contrary, it is presented during a cocktail party with a dress code! If you can afford it, why not rent a domain with a castle? You’re sure to impress!

If the budget allocated to the rental of the venue is limited, you should be aware that very beautiful reception areas are available all over France. Still, look for the little touch of exception by focusing on places with ocean views (if your event takes place by the sea, of course), with atypical architecture or in the middle of a large green park. You can also bet on originality by proposing to make your event on a barge, for example!

A spectacular results announcement

The results announcement is the highlight of your evening, the moment that all guests are looking forward to (and even more for those who are likely to win something).

To do things right, you can call on an agency that specializes in video editing. Imagine the amazement of your guests when they see a Caesar-style results announcement! You can also use digital (you know how much we like it!) by implementing holograms perhaps? If you are more interested in more relaxed awards announcement, why not focus on a simple speech with a humorous tone? Well-placed jokes (when they are good) always have their little effect.

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Give an award according to the event

 By presenting the awards, the objective is not to create jealousy within the teams. But let’s be honest, it’s important to reward those who deserve it! If you choose to organize a monthly ceremony, a “modest” price is a good solution.

Why not tickets for a sporting event or concert tickets? If, on the other hand, your awards ceremony only takes place once a year, it is better to offer prizes of a slightly higher value. For example, you can offer an advantage in the company, such as a parking spot? If you don’t want to make any differences between your employees, offering a weekend in a charming hotel or a wellness cure in a spa are ideas to consider.

The award itself can also create its own little wow effect! When we attended the Plezi event, the team presented an award to the most involved client. This trophy was specially designed for the occasion by one of the sales representatives, who is passionate about sculpture. Admit it, it’s a great idea!

Organizing an award ceremony is no easy task. And yet, if you use your event planning skills, you will quickly realize that it only takes a few details to make the moment magical. By following our advice, you will be on the right track to amaze your client and organize a great ceremony!

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