Measure the engagement rate of your participants with the help of statistics.

Collect data from your event and analyze the engagement of your attendees on your registration website and interactivity.
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Create the perfect statistical tool for your event


Measure the success of your event

A high engagement rate is often associated with a successful event that has engaged its audience. So access the event data and find out if your event is a success.
Une visualisation graphique des données

Data visualization with charts

With a clean design, effectively visualize your ROI in the form of colorful charts: rings, curves, histograms...
Event analytics

Detailed statistics

Find out how many visitors came to your website, how many participants were signed up, how many people participated in your interactivity and much more!
Event budget

Improve your next events

Thanks to these quantified feedbacks, optimize your campaigns to continuously improve the engagement of your participants.
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Eventdrive is a communication tool I don't want to do without. It's all ready, coded, easy to communicate with my guests!
Clara Vanini
Clara Vanini
Project manager in digital strategy and sports events, Sportpack

The best tool to collect the event data

Data visualization

Visualize your data in the form of rings, curves and histograms.

Website statistics

Analyze the number of visitors, the number of page views, the device used, the browser used, the operating system and the type of audience.

Digital registration data

Analyze the number of people attending your event, the absence rate and the average attendance per day.

Statistics of persons connected to the application

Analyze how many people are connected to your application, from which device and which operating system.

View Segmentation

Segment the views by speakers, sponsors, exhibitors.

Interactivity Data

Find out all the information about your word cloud, voting, quizzes, shared messages, shared photos and networking.

Choose Eventdrive to collect your event data

Boost your events by collecting and analyzing data from your previous events!