Your product launch Invites: Our Advice

20 July 2017 | Temps de lecture : 2 min.

This article marks the end of our invitation series. Today, we are going to go into further details and give you some tips for your next product/service launch, an essential step for the most of you.

You must first think about the best way to communicate on this launch.

Promote your image of your brand and communicate the right way.

When first communicating about your new product, be interested in how you can promote the brand image. To do this it is first you have to look at an interesting way you can promote your brand image. Ensure your product reflects the brand and bares the coat of arms.

If not, a very precise communication of the product will do the trick. There’s no room for error, if the campaign isn’t effective, the product will not sell and thus, its development will be of no use.

Giant brands also make mistakes! An example can be Google the internet giant, that in 2012 had undergone a huge failure in the communication of the Google Glasses.
An unfortunate event, which was caused by not segmenting its targets and communicating to masses.

A failure in the making, but in July 2017 we were pleased to see the Glasses reappear, but this time with targeted communication campaigns to go with it.

Maintain Virality

Virality is often confused with buzz, but these are two different points as the buzz is often related to relatively high financial resources.

To create and maintain virality, it’s quite easy; there are 3 points to consider:


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