Your Basics for your Business Breakfasts

28 June 2017 | Temps de lecture : 4 min.
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Welcome to our mini blog series, during these 4 weeks, we will provide you with sample invites for different situations professional events. Today, we will start with business breakfasts.

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We will start with the invitation email for your business luncheons.

Let’s start by defining what a business lunch/breakfast is, it is a small event with prospects or clients, which is sometimes necessary to assert his image or his expertise.

This is why we must already shine from the very beginning and send a perfect mailing to get a direct response from the people you have invited.

Be at the center of the news

We all know, a book or even a movie will sell for its title and not for the content; the title is what attracts people. It’s the same for everything else in life, so you can imagine that the same goes for business breakfasts

Find a title that highlights the event but leaves them a bit curious. This is a necessary technique especially if it is your first business breakfast. This title will allow you to have a perfect object for your email that will prompt a click.

Find trends in your field and ask yourself how you can pique the interest of your guests!

Indeed, your guest must realize immediately that he has an interest in being present. Do not put the name of your brand in the title; raise the debate by bringing a more comprehensive approach.

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Choose a perfect time slot and stick to it

The idea of business breakfasts is that it does not take a lot of the guests time, it will begin around 8:30 and 9 hours to allow time to the guests without too much intruding on their basic workday. Generally this kind of event lasts around 2 hours. Plan a little wider if you’re not sure about your shot, but stick to your schedule to the minute. Your guests are professionals with busy schedules; you cannot afford to keep them waiting. At the end of the breakfast thank the guests and remind them that it is time to return to work, you will have shown your professionalism by not going over time. Do not forget to highlight the times in your email to directly reassure your correspondent. Thus, allowing them know that this is an event that will not take into their day.

Invite the right people

A question of common sense, invite a target who already knows you, it will boost the positive responses to your invitations. Your current customers will have no trouble getting free for you, just like recurring prospects as well as the participants of the last breakfasts you have organized, the proactive ones will also be present, it is these people who are looking for information and who know how get.

Do not forget to invite your partners, as well as journalists who can relay their impressions on your event. Do not hesitate to re-invite people who have not answered you, however ensure that enough time has passed, so that is will not feel like a spam.

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4 basic rules for your place

The importance of these features for a venue are clear. Indeed, you will be more inclined to respond to an event that meets all these criteria rather than an eccentric and badly reputed place … So make sure to put it forward to convince in your email.

At the end :

Do not forget to thank the guests for their time to be sent a cordial email and inviting them to the next events.

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