Why use an EMS for your hybrid events?

24 June 2021 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.
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After having already organized many virtual events with your event management software (EMS), the logical next steps would be to use it for your hybrid events. But, it’s not obvious to every event planner. Because hybrid events are gaining momentum, here are a few points on how to organize high-performance ones with an event management platform, whether you already have one or not!

Maximize your investment

If you already have an EMS, chances are you have already used it to organize your in-person or online events. This technology in which you have invested allows you to optimize your organization and minimize the time spent designing your events. Management will be delighted! (linker "How to convince ...")

Using an event management platform to organize your hybrid events allows you to capitalize on your investment. In addition, you know you can always count on your EMS to help you create professional events and increase your performance!

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How to leverage your EMS to organize your hybrid event?

Manage your registrations

Registration is the bread and butter of an event. Without attendees, there will be no one to organize an event for. Seasoned event planners know how an EMS can help streamline the registration process at in-person events and used this technology for their virtual ones. However, some event profs who pivoted to virtual events used the wrong tool, videoconferencing software. They had to juggle between two tools to manage registration and their event live stream. Event tech evangelists and early adopters used an EMS for their virtual events and by doing so automated their event registration.

How does registration work at a hybrid event? You need to be able to differ who will participate remotely and who will be on-site for the in-person experience. Your EMS is key to managing multiple participants with multiple needs. In one place, you’ll be able to separate your online and in-person attendees to manage your event logistics such as food and beverage and giveaways.

Optimize your participant experience

We've said it before and we'll say it again: the participant experience is key to a successful event. The experience starts with your event invitation and registration via your customized event website and ends with your post-event communications. But what happens during your event is the most important factor in creating a memorable experience.

Plenary and session rooms are sometimes hard to find and participants can easily be lost on their journey and thus will be unable to stay on track. With your EMS, you're able to publish an event app where you can upload an interactive map of your event ensuring a smooth journey at your venue. Some last-minute room changes? No problem! Use your EMS to send push notifications to your event app and text messages. Your participants will have real-time information in the palm of their hands. Let's not forget that your event app allows you to provide your participants with a personalized agenda, a live news feed, a list of speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and other attendees. #Networking

How do you create a seamless experience for your attendees participating online? Eventdrive's "Next Session" button allows your participants to easily switch to their next session in one click. For those who are not signed up for a specific session, a popup will show available sessions that allow them to choose the session that's right for them.

Engagement is also an important part of the participant experience.

Engage your participants

Your participants have already become accustomed to participating in virtual events. How the tides have turned! Not only are they familiar with the virtual event space that was created thanks to your virtual event platform, but they are aware of all the different ways they can actively participate in an online event.

Successfully engaging your audience is no secret. Event profs know that their participants’ engagement rate is paramount to their event’s success. To keep your audience’s attention, you need to interact with them as much as possible. Ask them questions and offer them interactive services such as live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As, and of course event surveys.

One way to boost your engagement is to organize quizzes throughout your event to keep participants involved. Why not have a dedicated screen displaying the top participants of your events. Others are sure to participate because everyone wants to be a winner. Don’t forget the prizes!

Whether they are attending remotely or in person, provide your participants with the possibility to take the stage and ask questions. Let your virtual participants can raise their hand to ask questions and display their camera on screen for your in-person attendees. With hybrid events, it's important to remember to bring your participants together and create meaningful interactions.

Create surveys in your EMS for each session. Pro tip: Start with one general survey and duplicate it for your other sessions. Launch a survey after every session in addition to your event survey that you're used to sending at the end of your event. Your remote participants will be able to fill out the session survey directly within your virtual event platform and it will be available for those who are on-site via your event app.

Record your event

When using an event management software for your hybrid event, you're able to record your entire event directly within the platform. This means you're able to offer participants who were unable to attend the chance to see what happened at your event and ensure they won't miss out on important information.

Your professional AV provider will probably also record your event. You can export your online recording and combine it with your on-site pictures to create the perfect on-demand event. This content can also be shared internally with colleagues who did not register to your event, but would nevertheless like to see what happened.

Now that you know all this, it's clear that your investment was not only temporary, quite the contrary. Your event management software allows you to manage your registration, create a seamless participant experience, engage your audience, and immortalize your event. An EMS is your right-hand man (or woman) for all your events, whether they are virtual, hybrid, or in-person.

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