Virtual Reality driving immersive experiences in events

25 July 2018 | Temps de lecture : 3 min.

It’s not unheard of virtual reality has become a plus for event planners. We have already talked about this phenomenal technology, that will allow users to discover and fully immerse themselves.

For instance, this technology is normally used for video gaming. Only 9% of event managers have used this technology in 2016. Somehow, numerous actors have been playing on the market, such as:

This trend is inevitable of any type of event planner, but why is it grabbing so much attention?

Virtual reality is at the heart of 2018 event trends. You can discover here other technologies to bring even more interactivity to the heart of your events

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Simply because this new piece of tech brings together and immerses attendees in a very unique and playful manner. The statistics speak for themselves, as virtual reality is 5 times more engaging than other media. The memorisation rate is 90%! A large number of event managers are already taking advantage of virtual reality and implementing it in their events.

Many experiences are possible:

Event managers succeed in creating a surprise that attendees can’t get enough of. It is certain, virtual reality doesn’t fail to impress.

The effect the most searched for by event professionals is an experience that touches audiences the most.

A real environment is in the midst of being created around virtual reality in order to touch wider audiences and creating an experience.

Indeed, NeuroDigital Technologies has developed haptic gloves(Gloveone) that allow you to feel touch while in a virtual reality simulation. This feature will really add to the “WOW” factor at events.

This new technology will allow you to multiplicate feelings as well as opportunities. It is what Mark Zuckerberg said on the 11th October 2017 during the launch of Venues, a social platform dedicated to virtual reality allowing you to attend live events. Over the past couple of years, live streaming has developed into a major trend, that has pleased many users.

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As said above, virtual reality has created real opportunities for event planners.

It allows you to visit venues without going there. Take for example the Disney team that created a procedure to enable international clients have a look at the venue beforehand. This reduces costs and logistics. An aspect that eases the tasks of companies that often organise events.

Nevertheless, this technology cannot answer to everyone’s needs: event managers need to be certain about the amount of network available at the venue for instance. The improvement of this technology could develop quite quickly. It could thus meet the event organisers needs and engage their audiences in the best possible way.

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