6 Types of Events That Shouldn't Be Canceled

04 December 2020 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

Organizing a digital event is the solution that’s often considered by companies following the implementation of restrictions linked to the COVID-19 crisis. And yet, even if this new trend has become much more popular in recent months, cancelling events is still too often the path taken. So in which cases can we opt for a digital event to replace a physical event initially planned? Eventdrive answers your questions.

Why is cancelling an event not a long-term solution?

As we know, we can’t keep cancelling events. Event professionals cannot remain unemployed for months. And above all, life must get back on track!

Events have the benefit of changing a participant’s daily life. It is therefore important to keep these diverse activities in our business strategy. Events such as conferences allow people to get out of their daily routine, think about something else, discover new things and learn a variety of skills. Cancelling events limits the transmission of important knowledge. It also reduces teamwork and team spirit that are so important.

That’s why choosing to organize a digital event, instead of cancelling, has the double advantage of not only reaching a new target, but continuing to reach the one you already know.


When should I choose to organize a digital event?

The health crisis that hit the world in 2020 has spread doubt in many sectors. The event sector is one of the industries that has been hit hard. And with good reason: almost every event was cancelled when lockdowns were imposed in Europe and throughout the world! 

Unfortunately, this situation is bound to last longer than expected. And yet, the world has to start spinning again. So what should you do if restrictions are still in place? 

To manage current and future needs, several options are possible, depending on the type of events to be organized. If it is a large event, which must necessarily take place physically, such as a major sporting event for example, you can cancel or postpone it. That’s the choice the Olympic Committee made with the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games to 2021.

If it is possible to allow participants to attend your event remotely, you can opt for a digital event. This is especially possible for most professional events that are mainly conferences or meetings with speakers. If a physical meeting is absolutely necessary, you can also think about organizing a hybrid event, which will take place both online and on-site with a small number of people to respect social distancing rules. 

In essence, cancel your event when digitizing it isn’t an option, otherwise opt for a virtual event.  We have listed 6 events that can easily be organized remotely just below.

Events to not cancel

While leisure-type events can be more easily cancelled or postponed, some business events cannot be cancelled. In most cases, organizing a digital event is strongly recommended.

Product launches

Many companies continue their marketing strategy and launch new products. A product launch is essential to finalize the entire creative process and present the new product lineup to your teams and press, but also to potential buyers. By choosing an online format, we lose a little of the grandiose aspect that product launches often have, but we can play with new technologies to hook participants behind their screens.

Press Conferences

Another event that is difficult to cancel is a press conference. Aa a real media event, press conferences allow a company, for example, to make an official statement in front of journalists. This is the basis of press relations and that’s why this type of event is very important. Even if it seems more complicated to organize it remotely, it is quite possible to plan a virtual press conference if you have the right tools at hand, such as those offered by Eventdrive.

Quarterly Meetings

As life goes on, meetings to analyze the key facts and figures of the quarter must take place. Such meetings cannot be cancelled, as they also make it possible to plan the strategy for the upcoming quarter. Fortunately, quarterly meetings can easily be held online.

International Meetings

In large multinationals, it is important to ensure that the strategies of different countries are shared. This ensures that all markets are working in the right direction and above all, follow the same growth. As long distance business travel is limited, the option of a digital event should be used to avoid canceling this type of meeting.

Annual Conferences

In some sectors, conferences are organized every year to present new advances in the industry. This is the case of the CES in Las Vegas for example, a famous trade show organized every year to highlight technological innovations. This type of event cannot be cancelled indefinitely, at the risk of limiting the sharing of important information

Company Seminars

Internal company seminars focus on company cohesion. Their objective is to bring teams together and the company's main results and to, of course, motivate the teams. A seminar emphasizes the human aspect of your company and aims to thank the teams for their work. At a time when remote working is being put forward, it is important not to forget all the efforts that have been made by employees. Putting the organization of a seminar aside is definitely a mistake not to be made!

No matter what crisis we are going through, we have been saying it for a long time: it is important to know how to renew ourselves. By creating virtual events, we’re able to bounce back when faced with the unexpected. Hopefully, physical events can resume quickly. But, we have nevertheless opened a new and interesting door to keep in mind in the future. Event technology is here to help us, not replace us. You just have to adapt to the situation and change your habits a tiny bit to provide the digital event your customers are dreaming of!

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