The Eventdrive vision: A year later

26 April 2018 | Temps de lecture : 3 min.

Since our last discussion with Frenchweb, Eventdrive has truly evolved for the better!

This year, we had the opportunity to work with companies from banking and pharmaceuticals industries. Thanks to this, we get the chance to develop our platform in the best way possible. Eventdrive has created even more features that are still respecting our vision; to change the way we live and create events!


Here are some features that have been fortified and developed intensely, thanks to the feedback we got from our #eventdrivers and our team:

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A module that allows event managers to centralise the management of their budget on the same platform. Highly customisable, this feature allow you to simultaneously get the necessary validations for each element when added. A tool that simplifies the life of the event manager and their superiors.

It is now possible for event managers customise member’s access to perform specific tasks or features on the platform, allowing them to work together and take charge of the tool according to their needs. We want to help you create your events with the most team spirit possible.


We have added a feature that allows you to create custom badges reducing attendee check-in time on the day of the event. An important challenge that we have taken on as it is extremely important for our main users.

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The SSO is a method that will considerably help companies and our users. Therefore, the usage of this allows:

Session waiting lists, a useful tool to have for both the manager and attendee. This allows invited attendees to pre-register for sessions and get into waiting lists for the really popular sessions. It also allows the event manager to be kept up to date on how many people will attend a session, thus explaining its popularity.

For months now, we have been talking to you about the essential security measures needed to be taken to get ready for the GDPR. After all the hard work we are happy to announce that we are ready for the changes that are to come the 25th of May. The security of your personal data is crucial. You can find our article on the issue here.

With each year we get closer to our vision! Do you have any ideas of the changes that may help in easing your events? Click here and reply to us.

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