Where to organize a team building in Paris?

16 July 2019 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

Team buildings are more and more in vogue and are often organized by companies. A true way to gather your teams, team building is a way to have fun and work differently. Some choose more traditional places and focus on activities that are sure to please, such as escape games, for example. Others have a preference for more original activities and gather in places that are off the beaten track. In any case, there are many possibilities in the capital. Eventdrive shares its little secrets with you about the best places to organize your event and is now telling you about places to test absolutely for a team building in Paris.



Your goal is simple: let your guests have fun. To achieve this, there are no 50 options, you must select a fun activity that will keep everyone busy while reviving team spirit. Discover our small selection!

Gamescape: the escape game that welcomes your entire company

The best solution is often the simplest. If you don’t want to take any risks, the Escape Game is the right option for you. If, in addition, you want to organize your team building in Paris by inviting your entire company, then Gamescape is for you. This company is indeed able to organize escape games for groups of up to 200 people! The goal is to unravel the mysteries associated with a secret society…
Activities for such large groups are difficult to organize and believe us, no one will expect to solve puzzles in an escape game with so many collaborators. Successful effect guaranteed!

Discover Gamescape

Virtual Center: to familiarize your guests with virtual reality

We keep saying it, virtual reality is THE thing in fashion right now. Recently, the techniques used to have progressed a lot and the rendering is now quite good. The centres allowing the use of this new technology have grown everywhere, particularly in Paris. However, we have decided to focus on Virtual Center, which allows the privatization of its center and welcomes groups of 45 people at a time!

Different experiences are possible: it is up to you to pre-select them in advance to limit hesitations, or on the contrary let your guests choose from a selection of 20 available games.

Discover Virtual Center



Team building is also a way to learn new things and there is no shortage of activities that focus on pedagogy to bring teams together. Whether you choose to invite your participants to a cooking class or a beer-making workshop, they will be delighted, that’s for sure.

La Beer Fabrique: to introduce your participants to beer making

 First of all, we remind you that alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health. That being said, making it is an activity that can be quite fun. The Beer Fabrique in Paris has understood this and has created “Brewing & Tasting” workshops during which you learn all the secrets related to beer, from the selection of basic products to the last stage of production that everyone expects: tasting.

This particularly original activity is a good way to bring your teams together around a subject that everyone knows about, but that few people really master. Who will be able to make the best beer?

Discover the Beer Fabrique


The Cour des Créateurs : to learn how to create cocktails

Cooking lessons during a team building in Paris? Everyone knows about it. On the other hand, did you know that it is also possible to learn how to create cocktails? Mixology is an increasingly popular activity and is appealing to almost everyone. Apparently, discovering how to mix spices, herbs and all kinds of juices helps you relax in the most beautiful way.
The bonus? At the Cour des Créateurs, you can also prepare appetizers (sweet or salty) that will perfectly match your latest creation. Who will have the most original recipe?

Discover the Cour des Créateurs

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 The option you choose for your team building in Paris can also have a more cultural note. There are many possibilities in the capital that allow you to take a different look at the City of Lights.

Discover the Louvre during a rally

The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world and yet, many Parisians have never set foot there. And even if your participants have already been there, the museum is so large that they probably haven’t had a chance to visit all the galleries. What better way to discover it than by participating in a rally? Based on the idea of Dan Brown’s novel, the rally allows you to be confronted with the mysteries of the place and solve riddles related to the different works.

The activity can bring together up to 250 people and lasts on average 3 hours. You can even choose to organize the activity during a nightly evening at the museum. Just to add a little magic to the thing!

Discover the Rally


Visit Paris and take a different look at it

Sometimes you think you know a place, but in fact you only know it on the surface. Why not follow in Victor Hugo’s footsteps and discover the places that have marked his life? During this visit, in addition to seeing places usually closed to the public, you will learn more about the writer’s life and be able to take a look at his works.
A literary activity that combines the discovery of Paris and allows you to learn anecdotes about the life of one of France’s greatest writers.

The activity can bring together up to 250 people and lasts on average 3 hours. You can even choose to organize the activity during a nightly evening at the museum. Just to add a little magic to the thing!

Discover Paris

Paris is a city of a thousand resources. No matter what team building you want to organize, whether it is sporty, calm, humorous or simply there to bring your teams together, you should find the right fit. There are many team-building opportunities in Paris and the capital should surprise you!

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