Moment marketing in the event industry

22 June 2018 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

We know it, nowadays, everything is very fast. New Innovations are becoming a lot more recurrent, which has led to the birth of new movements. In recent years, society has undergone major changes and consumer expectations have changed accordingly. To adapt to these changes, companies have also had to change their minds and implement new strategies to continue to capture their customers’ attention. The event industry is no exception and has had to meet growing customer demand. Moreover, they reinvent themselves to follow trends and leave room for new ideas. This is how moment marketing was born: a new trend that reinvents the relationship between consumers and the brand. But what is moment marketing in the event industry?

What’s moment marketing?

The arrival of new technologies has widely changed the relationship between a company and its customers. Indeed, from now on, thanks to the Big Data, it is possible to analyze large quantities of individual data and thus, create adapted and personalized messages. By combining digital with artificial intelligence, it is now possible to target moments rather than individuals, whose way of thinking has become far too complex.

As William Grobel defines it in his study for Deloitte Digital, “Moment marketing is the ability for a brand to take advantage of an event to produce relevant interactions, related this event with its consumers, in real time”. It can be about, for example, sporting events, conferences or simply a birthday party or a family celebration. The basis of moment marketing is the context, which takes all its importance. It is by focusing on small details, such as weather, center of interests or the purpose of an event that a brand will make a difference. The impact of moment marketing on the event industry is therefore particularly significant. Organizing an event is a long process that must adapt to changes in the environment. Therefore, the moment marketing seems to be a new movement that you have to follow to stand out.

Knowing how to be spontaneous

It is not because moment marketing is more related to the event industry that it is necessary to start new marketing strategies without good thinking. However, the key to success is to remain spontaneous. As with any new projects, it is essential to establish a clear process that will serve as the basis for all future missions. In addition to using the usual methods, the moment marketing must lead to asking the right questions about customers’ needs, setting up a strategic calendar and studying the innovations that will be best adapted to meet the issues raised. While some campaigns can be automated and planned, current event marketing strategies must remain spontaneous. This is the crucial point that will make the difference. Indeed, in an age of technology, where information is spread in real time like wildfire, we must remain vigilant and ready to react at any time. You are working on an event in which the conferences can impact on the rest of the process? Take advantage of this and put your communication on this kind of twists and turns. Moreover, by using the ephemeral side of the moment marketing, and as surprising as it may seem, you will more easily capture the attention of your customers, because the message you will be trying to get across will be broadcast at the right time. Take Snapchat, for example, the social network was perfectly able to use the moment marketing by playing on the ephemeral side of events.

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Looking for the idea that will set you apart? You don’t have to rack your brains too long: the world cup of football is on everyone’s mind right now! Ask your attendees to predict the results of a match. By trying to make the buzz on an event so big, you will have the opportunity to work the moment marketing during your event, but also after it. If you set up a system of predictions about the winner of the World Cup for example, you can collect the emails of your attendees and offer them to receive their prizes once the competition is over. The impact will be long-term and the benefits can only be positive.

Building a trustworthy relationship with your clients

There is a belief that the deployment of new technologies will complicate customer relations and that it will be difficult to build or maintain the same relationship of trust. Instead, these new resources must be used to communicate and capture the consumer attention. It’s very easy to do it with the arrival of the moment marketing in the event industry. Indeed, by showing the client that we pay attention to what is happening in his life, by focusing the communication and the event itself on the benefits he will get from it, we show the client that he is unique. The setting up of the moment marketing in the event industry must pass by the personalization of the message. However, care must be taken to make good use of the data at your disposal. A recent Sitecore survey showed that nearly 96% of consumers consider that brands provide poor personalization, because the data available is used incorrectly. The moment marketing can therefore make the difference at this precise level. By collecting only interesting data and relating it to highlights, you will be able to stand out and compete with your rivals.

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By using the moment marketing in the event industry, brands can now deliver the right message to the right target at the right time. The results are therefore visible much more quickly and, above all, more effectively. Once again, digital has made the difference and event planners must be able to use it wisely if they want to differentiate themselves from their competitors. As professionals, you must be able to analyze and understand your clients’ needs. Link them to specific events and set up a relevant operation in which you will be able to get involved. For better results, think of analyzing your return on investment and the evolution of statistics, you will have all the tools to propose a better strategy at your next event. Using the moment marketing in your projects is already having 50% of the work done. It is up to you to use the right tools to make the most of the remaining 50%.

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