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26 July 2022 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.
Des personnes participante à un événement et lèvent la main.

Some people think that digital devices induces introverted behaviour even in events. Are we becoming more disengaged with the growing use of technology? This is not true! Digital technology connects us to a whole new level. More than ever before. Digital innovations have allowed you to be more in contact with attendees. The touchpoints that technology has brought to event management is immense! Your power to properly use them is what takes the difference. It is all about you finding and using the means of communication that are at your disposal efficiently.

Pre event touchpoints

Tempting potential attendees and increasing event attendance are the main objectives here. The following touchpoints will ensure these objectives are accomplished and passed!

Invitation and registration

From experience, the first two touchpoints, the “Invitation” email and the “Event website”, are the most important. At Eventdrive, we have a saying “The window to your event is your invitation email and your event website”. They are the first things you see. As they say “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression”. So getting these two elements right is extremely crucial.

This is why we went ahead and created some interactive invitation email examples for your next event.

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Confirmation and refusal

Confirmation emails give you, as an event manager, the opportunity to engage with your audience. It either pumps them up for the event or in the case they clicked “No” ?, it is another opportunity to convince them to come. This can be easily done from creating a branded email and giving the recipient a real sense of FOMO.

Confirmation mailings are very important, it is not only “THE MAIL” they will need for D-Day, as their badge is in it. But it also gives you a chance to show your brand, and that you are engaged. On top of that, it allows the recipient to gain a valuable outlook of the event planning right from the start. Furthermore, this allows attendees to have access to their badges for the event.

Refusal mailings are crucial to your planning. It is an opportunity as event planner to give the recipient another final chance at attending, by showing them the amount of work and the great stuff they will miss out if they choose not to attend.

Communication emails

It is very important to communicate to your attendees and keep them updated on the changes in the event by an event app communication. Be sure that attendees know there is an app available with all the information. These emails remind the attendees of the upcoming event and ensure they are well informed of what is going on.

Discover our app communication sample mailing here!

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Reminder emails /push notifications

This is a very important step in ensuring attendance at the event. We are human and it is our nature to sometimes forget about events. It is just best practice to remind them. You can carry this out by sending a notification via an event app or via emails.

D-day touchpoints

The Check-in

This is the first point your attendees will physically come to, so engaging them here is crucial. Using a digital check in system to reduce lining up and having a projection of the event newsfeed and what’s going on in the event will really pump them up. Let them see what is going on and give them an insight on the type of experience they are about to live.

The Event app

It is best practice to provide everything attendees will need, but instead giving them a bunch load of papers, the event app is the most efficient and paperless way to inform attendees. Ensure your event app is properly customised and branded as brand consistency is very important. On D-Day, this will be your primary communication tool, therefore ensuring it appropriately reflects the event is essential. This tool multiplies touchpoints infinitely! It is up to you to find the balance.

Post event touchpoints

It is very important to close your event appropriately to ensure attendees can reflect on the experience they lived. Also get the opportunity to thank them for their participation and all they brought to the room. As an event without attendees is just a very well decorated room. Thus, the following touchpoints are essential after your event:

Thank you emailing

This emailing wraps up the event on a positive note, allowing them to reflect on the event and all the memories that were created. It gives you an opportunity to provide participants access to the photos and all other docs regarding your event. Either remind them that everything is on the event app or send them links to this data.

Upcoming event mailings

This is also another touchpoint that can be crucial for your next event. It is an opportunity for both you and your attendees. An opportunity for you to start communicating on future events and for the attendee to discover, learn and experience.

And Last but not the least….

Social Media!

This is one channel that creates unlimited touchpoints, you should be tweeting, facebooking and chatting all about your event, throughout its cycle. It is a touchpoint that will change the outcome of any event. Thus, I put it for the end. It is best practice to have a social media post to go along with each touchpoint action above.

Here are some touchpoints, I’m sure there are many more you can think of with your creativity and depending on your needs. These are just one small part of changing the way we live and create events…

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