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11 July 2019 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

Organizing an event is one thing, but organizing an event that pleases is another. The satisfaction of guests is the number one priority that any event planner must keep in mind. That is why we must keep an open mind and above all have eyes and ears everywhere, before, during and after the event. Many tools exist to measure the satisfaction of your guests and Eventdrive has decided to provide you with a list (not exhaustive) to facilitate your work and give you all the keys to gather as much information as possible on the satisfaction of your participants. So here we go!



Customer satisfaction can be measured at any time

A big mistake would be to think that you have to wait until the end of your event to measure the satisfaction of your guests. As soon as your event becomes public, you have the opportunity to know if you have managed the situation well. Guests may be dissatisfied with the way they were invited to the event, for example, or may not appreciate the communication around it. In short, the faster you get feedback, the more material and details you will have about the process. Remember to look how your guests feel throughout the event as well, it could be a way to adjust your strategy a little bit along the way if the feedback is too negative.

The post-event survey is also essential. Don’t wait until days pass before sending it, but take advantage of the fact that the ideas are clear in your participants’ minds. The point is simple: the longer you wait, the fewer answers you will get. So we don’t hesitate and send!

Images speak louder than words

Statistics do not lie: a post with an image on social networks is much more likely to generate engagement than a publication without a photo. The same logic applies to satisfaction surveys. Use the photos taken during your event to make your questionnaire more attractive. 

First of all, it makes it possible to remind the participants of the experience they have had and to put them in condition immediately. But it’s also easier to get answers. Imagine the situation: you ask your participants which speaker they preferred to listen to. By putting a picture of the different speakers, your guests will remember much more easily who is who. 😉

Responsive design is essential

The use of mobile phones has officially overtaken that of computers. It is therefore essential that your survey adapt to the format of small screens. This criterion is all the more important when you know that 61% of emails are open on mobile phones (source: email Monday). So we use a little extra budget and take the time to create a full responsive design satisfaction form. Today, there is no shortage of software to create questionnaires in 2 or 3 clicks. We even present some of them at the end of this article!

We keep the same design logic

When working on an event, we want to create an experience that will put participants in conditions from A to Z. The graphic identity used must then be repeated at each step of the process. You have chosen to use the Lato font with fuchsia pink dominants in all your communication media? Your satisfaction surveys must follow the same logic. In addition, it will remind your participants of the setting of the event and help them to remember what marked them.

We share key figures

Do you want results? That’s good, so are we. And your participants are curious to know how successful (or not, but hopefully yes!) the event in which they have just participated was. You are not asked to share confidential information, but feel free to share concrete results such as the number of participants who attended or the number of conferences they were able to attend.

You can also play with humour by giving a little more original figures such as the cumulative number of minutes of conferences or the quantity of soft drinks sold during the event. Smaller numbers on paper, but that should mark your guests. 😉

You reveal a little more about behind-the-scenes of your event, you make your participants want to tell a little more about their experience: a situation where each party wins something.


Survey Monkey

Sometimes, there is no point in going into too complicated situations. Sending a simple questionnaire is often the best way to collect opinions. Be careful, however, to build it properly. It should not be too long, follow a certain logic and be precise enough to capture the information that will allow you to improve on your next event.


In the age of mobile phones and artificial intelligence, the use of chatbots is increasing. Your participants receive the questions directly by SMS or Messenger and only need to make short answers to automatically receive the following questions. A fun use of the satisfaction survey.


Eventdrive is an all-in-one event management solution, so yes, of course, we offer a customer satisfaction management tool. Our surveys are fully customizable, integrated into your communication strategy and are sent to your entire database with a single click! Remember, however, that there are many ways to measure the performance of your events. If satisfaction must be at the heart of your concerns, also think about the engagement rate, the number of participants, the optimization of your ROI.

Do you want to organize impactful events? Contact us to learn more about our solution!

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There are many options for measuring guest satisfaction. Whether you use a traditional questionnaire or a more original method, keep in mind the basics we have mentioned. Whatever happens, remember that an unhappy guest is much more likely to share his or her opinion than 10 guests who have loved their experience. So don’t be frustrated and learn from your mistakes. And as they say, you can’t please everyone!

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