Qualitative e-invitations for your internal seminars

13 July 2017 | Temps de lecture : 3 min.

This week we will focus on the creating the ideal e-invitation for your internal seminars that will allow you to maximize the amount of employees in your company! However, first off we will show you how to organize your e-invitations, as organisation and invitation go hand in hand.

The most common definition of an internal seminar is: a small group meeting with the aim to teach.

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The rise of the internal seminar

These types of events are becoming more frequent, as in companies we always have to keep the bigger picture in mind its important to always keep a certain level of professionalism.

In fact, internal seminars are more catered and personalized for your employees and allow them to easily learn and gain knowledge along with their peers. Internal seminars create the ideal relaxed learning environment.

A common dynamic

Remember the goal is to create a group dynamic. A seminar is often used to improve cohesion between employees, so we understand why the numbers are often reduced.

You will have to create groups for different workshops. Do not forget mix it up a bit, avoid putting two people who work together everyday together and who are like 2 peas in a pod, else you will not create the team environment that you want to achieve.

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The 3 E’s for a successful event:

In short, an internal seminar or an event in general can only be successful if you use the 3E’s:

You now have understood the 3 E’s as they are essential in the success of an event! Now that you are equipped with all the tools necessary for an internal seminar, we can reveal to you the invitation to attract your attendees!


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