Hybrid Events are The Way to Go

20 May 2021 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

The dark cloud is gradually dissipating and we can see the future of our events taking shape. After more than a year of organizing virtual events, you were able to develop new skills. By pivoting to an online format, you have found the means to maintain your event activities mainly online. Today, new opportunities arise for you to keep your momentum, if not even increase it. Hybrid events, with both guests participating both on site and remotely, allow you to unleash your creativity to design new event formats and activities. Here’s our take and advice for your future hybrid events!

Why hybrid events in particular? 

The best of both worlds

Let's start with numbers; they speak for themselves. 77% of Event Planners are considering opting for a hybrid format in the future (according to a 2021 LinkedIn survey).

It’s no surprise! The gradual return to the office and increase in the number of people allowed in a group will make it possible to bring together more participants on-site allowing for the return of in-person events. 

So yes, hybrid events represent the best of both physical AND virtual worlds, getting rid of the constraints of one and reaping the benefits of the other. With a hybrid event, you’re able to offer your participants the opportunity to not miss your event and it’s key messages by having the possibility of participating either on-site or remotely. So why are hybrid events the way to go? 

What’s in it for you? 

A higher participation rate 

When you opt for a hybrid event, you will logically lower your no-show rate and reach a larger audience, your international colleagues, for example. Why travel hundreds or even thousands of miles when you can participate in an event by simply clicking on a link. Hybrid events are a way to allow your participants to attend an event from the comfort of their home office or another international office. There’s no need to lose several work days because of travel, a link and a computer are enough.

It’s mainly for this reason that hybrid events will gain in popularity in the coming months. Thanks to the internet, physical and mental barriers have disappeared. Indeed, this allows your guests to consider participating in your event. Going with a hybrid event is also a way to engage your employees from across the globe for important events such as major product launches, international meetings, or kick-off marketing, for example.

Getting rid of these barriers allows you to expand your ambitions and invite people that you would have never considered inviting to your in-person events. You can opt for exciting and distinct speakers who can intervene remotely, which will allow you to attract more participants to your events and boost those participation rates! Can you imagine a keynote from Elon Musk about the tech revolution and business success? Or the CEO of Disney speaking about how to really design a memorable participant experience? It's possible with a hybrid event!


A better engagement rate 

Engagement is absolutely necessary to keep your attendees focused and involved in your event. Fortunately, your virtual platform and your event application allow you to provide them with interactive features, on-site and online. They are accustomed to participating in your surveys, polls, quizzes, word clouds and your live Q&A sessions. 

When we talk about the best of both worlds, it’s not only a reference to Hannah Montana. It’s about participants being able to engage regardless of how they attend your event, of course only if you’re using a virtual event platform and not a video conferencing software. You won’t need to cut your virtual event in fear of low engagement rates, with the right tools your participants can continue to use  the engagement methods they already know and love. Interactive events are key to a great participant experience and high engagement rates. It’s in your best interest to boost your interactions during your hybrid event to keep your audience focused, engaged, and interested!

Need inspiration? Check this out!


Fewer costs

Hybrid events will not only reduce the costs of your meetings but also travel costs for your company employees. 

With the number of face-to-face participants being reduced or limited, you’ll need less space and less food. You’ll no longer have to pay for a venue that accommodates 1,000, but maybe one that can host 500 or less. In regards to food & beverage, with a good portion of your participants attending remotely, the amount of hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be significantly cut. 

We mentioned above the possibility of inviting speakers that you would have never considered before since they can come at a heavy cost. Hiring a top-notch speaker that gives his keynote remotely is possible since there will be less logistic costs and thus a smaller invoice. You also reduce the environmental impact of your event by avoiding the need to fly (or drive) for your speakers or attendees.

It now seems obvious that organizing a hybrid event is not just a trend but the solution to take your events to the next level! 

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