Hybrid Events: The Must-Have Solution for Businesses

27 July 2020 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

The events industry was probably one of the most hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with new health challenges, the event industry had to find a way to reinvent itself and it is for this reason that hybrid events have grown quickly. “Hybrid event” seems to be a new buzzword, however, these types of events have been around for a few years now.

So will the event industry really be able to get out of such a crisis thanks to hybrid events? Eventdrive introduces you to this small revolution in the event sector, its advantages and gives you the keys to make your future event, 100% hybrid, a success…

What’s a hybrid event?

A hybrid event has the particularity of taking place both in a physical location and online. This combines a real audience that comes on-site and a virtual audience that can participate in the event remotely.

What makes hybrid events original is that they offer the same experience to the audience on-site and to the audience attending the event online. To achieve this, tools are used to offer the same level of interactivity. This can be done by having the different audiences interact through question and answer sessions or by setting up word clouds that are shared live to both audiences, for example.

The objective is to incorporate into the virtual part elements that traditionally happen during a physical event and vice versa. Spectators who have not been able to get there should be able to enjoy it as much as others.

Hybrid events have become increasingly popular in recent years, but their use has exploded recently with the health crisis the world has faced.

The advantages of a hybrid event

There are several advantages of organizing a hybrid event. First of all, it is important to point out that they make it possible to reach a wider audience, as their scope is much bigger. 

By choosing to organize this type of event, an organizer no longer has to restrict themself to geographical boundaries as much as before. Participants on the other side of the world can join in. International development suddenly becomes much easier! Be careful, however, not to forget to take into account the time difference.

This benefit is also relevant to the speakers that are involved. By organizing a hybrid event, it is possible to invite speakers based in different countries of the world to speak at the same conference! By setting up remote interventions, we greatly simplify the logistics of their trip and drastically reduce the costs that could have been associated with it.

This is why the hybrid event benefits from a better value for money. Why? Because instead of organizing several events in different cities, it is now possible to make one single event. This reduces the cost of renting a venue, for example.

How to make your hybrid event a success?

Define your audience

With the hybrid event, you’ll be able to hit a much wider target. No more need to travel to get there! You’ll be able to capture a new audience that may not have had the budget to go to these types of events before.

Ask yourself the right questions: what is the main factor that would motivate people to join your event? And most importantly, is it possible to provide this motivation in a virtual way?

Once your audience is well defined, it will be easier for you to set SMART goals that will help you implement your event strategy.

Have a good internet connection

In the age of new technology, this may seem basic, but we know how much an unstable connection can ruin a good time. Who hasn’t already gotten angry at their computer because of not being able to hear everything in an online meeting?

Having a fast internet connection that doesn’t drop out is absolutely essential to the success of your event.

Equipment for the broadcasting of the event

Hybrid events require new equipment! Of course, you need to think about basic equipment such as cameras or microphones for online broadcasting. But you also need to think about the software that will allow you to organize and stream your event live. Of course, the platform you choose must be reliable and allow you to have a maximum reach.

Eventdrive offers a complete solution for recording and live streaming your hybrid event, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Preparing your audience engagement

The difficulty with a hybrid event is to offer the same level of interactivity to the audience on site and to the audience attending the event remotely. It is therefore essential to prepare in advance to find the best way to achieve this.

To encourage communication between your participants and the facilitator, the best solution is to set up a chat that will allow the audience to ask questions in real time. 

You can also prepare surveys to gather the opinion of your audience. Tools such as Mentimeter, for example, allow you to participate with your phone and see the answers in real time on a screen. A little interactive side that’s always a hit! 

Otherwise, Eventdrive also offers multiple options to engage your audience and make your event more interactive. From setting up a live word cloud or a photo wall that can be shared with other attendees, to sharing a live social wall, the options are endless!

Analyzing the Results

We can never repeat it enough, but to improve, we must learn from our mistakes. With a hybrid event, it is important to gather feedback from participants who attended the event on-site and from those who attended remotely.

We need to be able to analyze their reactions, to understand the points that really appealed to them more and those that didn’t. With all the data collected, you will be able to draw conclusions and use them to improve your next hybrid event. What’s more, by choosing a platform like Eventdrive, all your data will be centralized and secured in one place. You’ll save a significant amount of time when analyzing data!

To be able to overcome the unprecedented health crisis that has hit the industry, the event sector must reinvent itself. Hybrid events seem to be the most effective solution that can be easily implemented. This solution, now essential for companies, requires new logistics and a new way of working. But by mastering it, we can now offer a completely redefined event, capable of attracting an even wider audience. How can we not take advantage of this?

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