How To Optimize The Creation of A Virtual Event With Templates

14 May 2021 | Temps de lecture : 4 min.

You probably already know that there are many ways to optimize the event organization process. Creating virtual, hybrid or physical events requires time and the right methodology to maximize your efficiency. Reusing templates to create your events is the best way to streamline creating an event. Event templates will change the way you organize your events. Here's everything you need to know to use event templates to your advantage.

Why use event templates? 

The term "template", usually used by developers and graphic designers, defines a model on which we base the creation of software or websites. In our case, it's a feature that facilitates the creation of your events. The template is a predefined model that can be modified according to your company's visual identity and needs.

Because of their infinite reusability, you can use these templates from one event to another. All you'll have to do is change the main event information such as the date, the guest list, the agenda, etc. But the structure of your event, from your emails to website, is there. Easy to use, this solution will not only allow you to channel your energy where it's truly needed to focus on your event design but help you save a considerable amount of time. Don't forget that the visual aspect of the attendee's journey is a big part of their overall experience and harmonizing your corporate events is part of this experience. It's important for you to play close attention to the design of your event website as well as that of your invitations and email reminders since they are directly visible by your guests and participants. 


What types of templates could I use to streamline my events? 

There are multiple templates available with Eventdrive. Each template has its own purpose and helps save time for event managers! Here are 4 different types of templates that you can use to organize your events more efficiently. 

 1. Event templates 

Any type of virtual, hybrid, or physical events such as seminars, management meetings, CODIR, rocket launches, kick-offs, etc., can be created from a ready-to-use event template.

With Eventdrive, your event is up and running in a few clicks. Thanks to the services and other pre-filled information, all you have to do is integrate the various information of your event. 


2. Budget templates 

Managing your budget correctly for your events is very important to save time. With an event management platform, you can plan and manage your budget directly on it. 

Thanks to Eventdrive, you can use predefined budget templates that include all the essential fields that an event manager needs to create an efficient budget. A template can be reused as a basis by the members of your organization when creating budgets. This allows you to keep a certain uniformity, not to repeat the same steps for each event, or to not forget the cost centers. All you have to do is enter your event expenses and revenues, and you're done! 

 3. Event website templates 

Creating a website for your event is almost, if not totally, essential. It allows you to provide your guests with a place on which all the key information can be customized based on your event's visual identity. 

Using the Eventdrive platform, you will have the choice of 7 different website templates, which you can customize with your brand's identity and by adding all your information. 

Affichage des différents modèles de design disponibles sur Eventdrive

 4. Email templates 

Writing invitation, reminder, and follow-up emails is an involving time-consuming process. By using templates, you will save a lot of time on formatting. Also, a graphic uniformity allows you to focus your attention on the message you want to convey. 

With Eventdrive, your email campaigns are ready in a few clicks and we provide you with a panel of email templates for each Event Manager. You only have to press "send"!

And there you have it, no more struggles with emails or your budget management, you have all the tools at your disposal to create an event more simply, harmoniously, and in your brand's identity! 

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