How to Encourage Networking During Online Events?

02 February 2021 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

2020 will have clearly marked the transition from physical to virtual. While online events have become ubiquitous, networking has seemed to be neglected. It seems obvious that with the increasing popularity of remote events, virtual networking should also grow! Eventdrive reminds you how important it is to leave room for networking during your events, but above all, it reveals its secrets to offer virtual networking solutions to your participants.

The importance of networking

Networking is a must when you want to develop your career and expand your business network. It allows you to meet new people who could, one day, have a positive influence on your career.

When working in a company or at a physical event, there are different ways to network. It can be around the coffee machine during the morning break, at an event organized by your company, or during a large conference that brings together experts.

But even if remote work or online events are becoming the standard in your industry, virtual networking is definitely possible. Not only can you try out new and fun networking techniques, but it's also a great way to keep up the human interaction that can be lacking when everything is at a remote location.

How does virtual networking work?

Today, the easiest way to network online is simply to speak at a remote event, during the live session or interact with participants via chat. Share your LinkedIn profile directly in the Chat, you'll be surprised how effective it will be on your network!

The advantage of doing this in writing is that you can play on a funny touch by sending gifs, for example. You can also directly challenge someone by tagging them in a discussion. But there are many other ways for effective virtual networking. 

1. Set up a private chat

If you are attending an online session and want to interact with one of your colleagues, you may tend to contact them directly via SMS on your phone, thus leaving your assigned workspace. 

But if you are using a suitable platform, you should know that it is possible to send private messages or messages to a specific group directly from the application. This way, you can continue the discussion without having to interrupt the person who is speaking. 

The purpose of the private chat is to start the conversation and create emulation around the content in a more private space.

2. Propose the creation of private space 

When an event takes place in a physical space, it is usual to debrief after the session over coffee and a croissant. If the event you are organizing is virtual, you can allow your guests to create private spaces to allow them to exchange freely during breaks.

They are free to invite one or more colleagues to join them to react to the conference they have just attended or simply to discuss a completely different topic!

3. Add slots for networking

It's always appreciated thinking about putting networking slots in your planning. By integrating them into your program in advance, your participants are aware from the very beginning that there will be a dedicated time for exchanges, to make one-on-ones without having to leave an ongoing session.

You can also organize special times to meet the speakers more privately. You can, for example, propose a session to speak directly to the VP Product to understand his vision of the product he is developing.

The importance of a good event platform

To make your virtual networking a success, it is important to have a good event platform. To ensure quality exchanges between your participants, it is important that they feel at ease and comfortable with the tools at their disposal.

The key to limit exits and promote exchanges between your participants is to offer a single space where everything is possible. Whether it's attending various sessions, communicating with colleagues, or interacting with speakers, your participants must be able to do everything from a single platform.

And precisely, so that they understand that it is not necessary to leave the space to network, it is strongly recommended to propose a space in the colors of your brand. The more the brand image is highlighted with your colors or logo, the more the participants will be immersed and will have the impression of attending a real event and not just a video conference.

With Eventdrive, you can easily offer live streaming content, offer different sessions at the same time, and let your participants communicate live, whether it's through private chat or video calls for even faster exchanges.

As you can see, there are various virtual networking solutions. Networking is very important in the life of an employee and that is why it is absolutely necessary to offer different options if your event takes place online. To be sure to achieve this, we recommend you offer several possibilities that will appeal to a large audience and above all, will be easy to get started. Also, think about the presence of a facilitator who will be in charge of welcoming the participants, guiding the exchanges, and referring them to private rooms if the discussion is going to be extended!

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