Conflict resolution methods: how to avoid conflicts in a team of event planners?

14 March 2023 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.
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Organizing an event can be stressful. Whether during the preparations or on D-Day, you may have many cold sweats. But you knew that when you chose this path, didn’t you? You have to be able to manage the suppliers, make sure that deadlines are being respected, but above all, you have to know how to work with your peers. This part is probably the most delicate (we may not have told you that). Everyone has their own character and wishes to express its point of view and it can, sometimes, be difficult to make yourself heard. In order to avoid a civil war within your team, Eventdrive provides you with some conflict resolution methods on how to manage conflicts within a team of event organizers.

What conflict resolution methods should you follow?

You didn’t know you’d have to deal with conflicts when you took up this position as an event planner, right? And yet, it is a big task! Whether it is disagreements about the choice of caterer or larger issues about how to manage a project, it is your responsibility to manage the small problems.

It is essential to ensure that harmony prevails within your team. To achieve this, you have two options: avoid conflicts by using all kinds of tricks or find quick and effective solutions to solve problems (you’ve understood that the first option is the best one). Here are some tips to apply to maintain a good atmosphere within your team.

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7 ways to avoid conflicts

One of the main causes of conflicts is the problem of accepting the other.

To work harmoniously as a team, you have to accept the fact that everyone has a different way of working. Maybe you prefer meet your partners face-to-face to establish a relationship of trust. Very well. But just because your colleague only uses emails and phone calls doesn’t mean he will be less efficient. Take into account everyone’s personality and move in the same direction. The difference is a strength, let’s not forget it!

It is important that all employees work with the greatest respect for each other, this is fundamental. You may raise your voice, but insults or judgments are not necessary.

If you disagree with one of your peers, discuss the problem calmly and present your arguments. By respecting the other, you will avoid the rise of the conflict. Listening is a strength to be highlighted as soon as tensions appear.

It’s not always the easiest thing to do, and yet it is important to know how to question yourself. A good event planner must be able to say that he was wrong.

By accepting this fact, it will then be much easier to move forward. Your pride may take a hit, but you will learn a lot from this situation. By questioning yourself, you avoid failures and gain confidence. Easier to say than to do, but it is the best solution to move forward.

Being interested in others

The event industry is not a sector where you do navel-gazing. This must also be the case within a team. By knowing your colleagues, you learn to understand them and can anticipate their reactions (nothing mystical, we assure you). Moreover, by learning about the values of your coworkers, you will surely discover many common points. Your worst enemy may become your best friend, who knows?

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This is certainly the best solution since it moves each of the 2 groups towards each other. By making compromises, you’ll have to review your requirements and negotiate certain points, just like your colleague, but the result is worth it. Don’t you agree on a budget? Split the difference.

You disagree on the choice of a place? Select one and save the other for a future event. Negotiation has its good sides!

This is probably the basis of any working relationship, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem obvious to everyone. To move forward in a constructive way and avoid conflicts between event planners, take the time to learn how to work together.

This does not mean that you will become best buddies, but knowing how to operate according to a win-win logic will help you greatly. If you want the same, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you do not understand your collaborator’s arguments, it may be a good thing to put yourself in his place. The goal is not to read his mind (you probably don’t want to anyway), but to understand the reasons why he thinks this way. By showing empathy, you will develop skills that are very useful to an event planner. But above all, you will be able to understand your colleagues’ desires and, thus, avoid conflict more easily.

The purpose of this article wasn’t to scare you! Fortunately, conflicts are not so common in a team of event planners. In any case, they can easily be avoided if you apply these few tips literally. In any case, you just have to be patient, available and attentive. If, despite everything, you are unable to resolve a growing conflict between two employees, you can call on the human resources service of your company to help you manage the problem. And if your company doesn’t have one, there’s nothing better than relaxing over a drink 🙂

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