Eventdrive Prepares the Event Managers of Tomorrow

26 August 2021 | Temps de lecture : 3 min.
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Being part of the events industry in 2021 means having to juggle technology and humanity at the same time. New event technologies are constantly developing and it’s essential to be able to harness their power as soon as possible. And yes,learning never stops! It’s precisely for this reason that it’s important to think about event industry newcomers, often more tech savvy than you might think.

So that companies can be efficient and improve their event management, young Event Managers are here to take you to the next level. And because our mission is to help you simplify and optimize managing your events, we are committed to preparing the future of your business!


Events are above all a place where we can share. We share information and know-how as well as memorable experiences and emotions. This is not only the case for our participants, but also our employees!


In our profession, we are always looking for ways to improve and outperform and, of course, new ideas. When we have the opportunity to help our industry ramp up, we should never hesitate! It is for this reason that at Eventdrive, we have decided to go straight to the source, student Event Managers.


Through conferences, masterclasses and webinars, Eventdrive aims to share best practices and how to improve performance, optimize and simplify your job!


Our event experts also deliver courses on event technology to prepare future professionals to use state-of-the-art tools such as event planning software. Thanks to our partnerships with leading schools, we are able to help build the future of events and help them become accustomed to working environments, and how to design new virtual and hybrid formats.


Arriving in an environment filled with tools to which we have been accustomed is advantageous. It’s an advantage for not only new professionals but for companies hiring new talent.


Indeed, mastering the basics of event management and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies is an immediate added value to any company. By knowing how to use Event Management Software even before starting their job, a new employee will be able to improve efficiency for the entire event team.

Providing businesses with solutions to help them improve efficiency is at the core of Eventdrive’s mission. Eventdrive aims to help Event Managers save time on organizing events so that they can focus on aspects where they have a true added value: designing an unforgettable and incomparable participant experience.

Our mission as a cutting-edge event solution is to shape future Event Managers into professionals that can weather any storm (or pandemic for that matter). Eventdrive continues to support and train the Event Managers of tomorrow

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