Creating Communicative Event App e-mailings

01 March 2018 | Temps de lecture : 4 min.
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Event apps have become essential for your events! But how can you ensure that all participants adopt it? It's simple, first of all, remind them to download it! And what better way to do this than with a communication email about the app and how to get it? We will explain how to effectively communicate this information to participants and boost interactivity at your events.

First, let's remind ourselves what an event app is for and what benefits it brings to your events! 😎

Application Adoption: A Key Factor!

If all participants have downloaded the application, it means they have all the information they need gathered in one place. This allows you to send them real-time updates. The application will also be an effective means to facilitate interactivity on the day of the event.

However, some of your guests may not be aware of the existence of this application and thus may not fully benefit from it. Here's how to inform your participants about the existence of an event app through emails.

Create a Mailing List

The first step to inform your participants about the existence of the event app is to create a mailing list. This list should include all the email addresses of the participants registered for the event. You can easily collect this information during the registration process or via a pre-event survey.

Craft a Personalized Email

The next key element is to craft a personalized email to send to your participants. In this email, you should explain the benefits of the event app and how it can help participants make the most of the event. Be sure to include download links for different operating systems and provide clear instructions on how to install and use the app. To create a quality email, we recommend following the 3C rule.

The 3Cs of Communication:

Clarity: you're asking your participants to take action. Therefore, you need to be as clear as possible in conveying the message! It's easier said than done! But from our experience, it's all about practice. Make sure that the most important information is highlighted and that instructions are given using a detailed step-by-step format.

Conciseness: you want participants to download the app and understand its benefits? You need to ensure that this is done using as few words as possible, so stick to the point! This doesn't mean you should only talk about the app; you can discuss certain aspects of the event and then delve into the details.

Convenience: to achieve a 100% adoption rate, you need to ensure that it's as simple as possible for participants to download the app. Don't hesitate to insert links and calls to action to get quick responses from your guests! These small actions will lead to big returns.

Use an Eye-Catching Subject Line

The subject line of your email is also very important. It should be short, impactful, and enticing to encourage recipients to open your email. You can use phrases like "Download the app to make the most of your event experience" or "Don't miss a single event update with our mobile app."

Schedule Email Sending

It is recommended to send your email one week before the event to give your participants enough time to download and use the app. You can also send a reminder a few days before the event for those who haven't downloaded it yet.

Track Results

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign by tracking the results. To do this, use analytics tools to see how many participants have opened and clicked on your email. You can also track the number of app downloads using a unique tracking code.

Using email is an effective way to inform your participants about the existence of the event app. Create a mailing list, personalize your email, use an eye-catching subject line, schedule sending, and track results to maximize app usage by participants. 😉

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