Office Party : 9 themes to seduce your guests

04 April 2019 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

Your customer is clear: for his next office party, he wants to make a lasting impression and above all stand out from his competitors. You could offer to organize your event in an unusual location, but your budget is quite limited. So you’re going to have to brainstorm to make his evening a memorable one for his guests. To achieve this, nothing better than to propose an office party theme!

The possibilities are numerous and the themes endless. Whether you choose to orient the evening towards Latino sounds or whether it reflects your favorite superheroes, your client will inevitably be seduced.

But choosing the ideal theme based on customer expectations, the budget allocated and the resources available is not necessarily easy. Eventdrive therefore offers you a series of 9 office party themes to implement, more or less easily.

Choose an office theme that will definitely work!

The twenties

Everyone is seduced by a Gatsby decoration and costume! Whether you have read the novel or not, seen the film or not, the feathers, pearls and straps of all kinds are known to everyone. Very easy to set up, all you have to do is dive back a few decades and set up an Art Deco style decoration. Efficient and cheap, this theme is ideal!

The Carribean

Who doesn’t want a holiday? Imagine your guests walking around in Hawaiian flip-flops and shirts at your office party, with a cocktail in their hand. Even as they are surrounded by their colleagues, and possibly at their workplace, they will feel like they have a foot on a Caribbean beach. Ideal for disconnecting, this corporate evening theme is very easy to set up. Place coconuts, passion fruit and other exotic fruits in fruit baskets, decorate with shells and play music with festive intonations. The must? Create a little beach spot by bringing real sand!

Casino Royal

Most people don’t dare to admit it, but spending an evening at the casino is often much appreciated. Install a few blackjack tables, a roulette wheel, or even slot machines and you’re done! To make it even more real, don’t forget to hire croupiers for the duration of your evening. Of course, only put fake money in the game, the goal must be to have fun and not to create the ruin of your teammates. 😉

Focus on seasonality


Are you planning to organize an event in October? Don’t hesitate any longer, just surf on the trends and prepare a Halloween party. For decoration, it’s easy: place (fake) spider webs on the walls, spread pumpkins all over your room and create a dark atmosphere with your lighting. To make the event a little more lively, why not have a costume contest? The winner could win the right to have a parking spot next to the entrance, for example! At Eventdrive, we also organized a homemade escape game.


If, on the other hand, your event is to be held in April, why not choose the Easter theme? Without moving towards the religious consonance of the celebration, choose the chocolate solution instead! Enhance your event venue with chocolate fountains or offer sweet treats made exclusively with cocoa. You could even go so far as to organize an egg hunt at your event location, hiding a special prize for the best of your guests! Original, right?


A classic theme, you might say, since all companies organize a Christmas party. That’s true and false at the same time. Of course, the Christmas party is a must, but is the theme really being used to its full potential? Arrange lights, ornaments and other sparkling decorations all over the place. Let the traditional Christmas carols delight the ears of your guests. In addition to the traditional “Secret Santa” which allows you to give a gift to an employee, why not offer a Christmas cake tasting contest? By making the event interactive, your guests will be charmed, that’s for sure!


Time for culture

Gastronomy in the spotlight

The idea may seem simple and yet! It is possible that multiple regions may be represented among your employees. Imagine their faces when they discover that they are honoured during your event? Gastronomy is one of France’s treasures, so make the most of this asset. For example, you can set up stands with culinary specialities. Of course, we think of the famous crepes for Brittany, the duck breast for the southwest or the speculoos for the north. In short, the possibilities are numerous!

A World Tour in One Evening

As with the previous theme, you can also choose to highlight one (or more) countries during your event. Are you more of a paella and flamenco person? Let’s go to Spain! On the contrary, you prefer to eat good pasta with a sauce prepared with love? Let’s go to Italy! Cold, maple syrup and poutine make you dream? Let’s cross the Atlantic and go to Canada! In sum, the possibilities are endless (or almost so) to give a foreign shade to your corporate event. This theme can easily be exploited and could punctuate several of your events if you want to continue your world tour…

Put art in the spotlight

Your company evening could be an opportunity to introduce your guests to art. If you have the opportunity, organize your event in a museum and plan a quest during the evening. By having clues everywhere, you will make your event interactive, introduce your guests to magnificent pieces of art and impress them! Although it requires an organization upstream with the implementation of the quest, this theme is ideal to make the evening lively, even when you are in a museum!

There are many possibilities for office party themes. Here, we have introduced you to those that we think are most relevant. But you can also choose to create your event in connection with your favourite film, with a single colour or according to a time that has marked our history (we particularly like parties that deal with prehistory…). In short, it’s up to you to choose what matters most to you. Don’t forget to think of all the details: the decoration, the food and the musical atmosphere. Don’t forget to give the name of the theme to your guests so they can prepare a little costume for the occasion!


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