6 innovative B2B event marketing ideas

01 October 2018 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

Marketing has seen more and more innovations in recent years. The rise of new technologies and social media (we’re all addicted to our Facebook or Instagram account) has created many new trends. The event industry was also affected by these innovations. Over the years, traditional marketing techniques have been replaced by more original innovations. At Eventdrive, we know how much you’re always on the lookout for new ideas to attract customers, so here are 6 B2B event marketing innovations that are sure to make them fall for it.

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Think about the use of robots

Who hasn’t already been amazed by the performance of robots in Japan or China? Well, you should know that this trend is slowly coming to our beloved country. Far from stealing human work as many people think, robots must be used to assist. With the development of artificial intelligence, robots will soon be able to interact and express themselves like you and us.

But we are not there yet (fortunately?). Instead, to improve your B2B relationship, you can propose to your customers to modernize their events by using robots with tablet games or even some that could be used to serve cocktails. Would you like a mojito?

Choose the NFC technology

NF… what? This abbreviation is not well known and yet, you probably use it every day. Are you a fan of smartphone payment solutions? Well, that’s it! You use NFC daily (we told you so). In other words, this technology allows data to be exchanged quickly and securely. More and more widespread, it’s time to use it in your events.

For example, you can propose to your customers to set up an information-sharing system during a conference. More easily, you can also provide speakers at the venue of an event so that participants can connect their smartphones and play their own music. A simple idea that has a great effect. However, we do not guarantee the musical choice…

Set up a 3D projection

This multimedia technology will certainly impress your clients!

The advantage? You can show them a short demo before the event to convince them. The purpose of 3D projection is to project images onto volumes, or even to reproduce an entire set at 360°. By presenting video mapping solutions to your business customers, you can sell them the double advantage of the technology: both to enhance a place, but above all, to amaze participants.

Whether you choose water projections or holograms (you could have the musical animation of an event with stars like Michael Jackson!), the result will impress your clients!

Break the codes and propose a virtual salon

This is a new trend in the event industry : online trade shows make it possible to visit an event, as if you were there.

The benefits are endless and we’re sure that they will seduce your clients. The setting up of a virtual exhibition allows you to be visible in an unlimited way. All you need is an internet connection, no need to travel to participate. Participants from all over the world will be able to attend your clients’ events! Although it requires a little more technical skills, organizing this kind of event is much less expensive than a physical show.

Finally, finish convincing your prospects by highlighting the ecological impact, which is almost nonexistent. Who wouldn’t be tempted to help our planet?

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Use social shopping

Like the Kellogg’s brand that used it for the first time, offer your customers the opportunity to set up a stand that operates according to the principle of social shopping. Don’t you see what we mean? Let’s explain.

The objective is to create a buzz around a brand through social networks. The operation is simple: create a stand on which participants can buy goodies bearing the brand’s logo (or any other product). At the checkout, instead of paying with their credit card, they will have to tweet a message containing a specific hashtag that you would have carefully chosen beforehand to pay for their item. The advantage is twofold: you create visibility online, but also in the field through the purchase of your goodies. Well done, right?

Install a 3D printer

2D is out of fashion, now we want 3D! And that’s why you should propose it immediately to your clients. In terms of event marketing, we think it’s a pretty cool innovation at Eventdrive. The 3D printer is a bit like the digital revolution of recent years. There are several ways to use it within your event, but for it to be at the heart of your B2B relationship, you are advised to make it a real marketing tool. Offer your customers to make it the central animation of their seminar or exhibition. The problem is that a 3D printer takes several hours (or even days) to print trendy objects. Use this drawback to your advantage by focusing on the printing of a branded product or a goodies bearing its logo throughout the event. The participants will follow the progress of the project closely and the brand’s popularity will only increase!

Who said that technological innovations could not serve B2B event marketing? We have just given you a brief overview of the main trends that will appeal to your business customers, but there are lots of other new ideas. Present the assets of each technique and work on the communication of your projects, your clients will necessarily be attracted by the modernity of your proposals. The positive point? If you get the contract, you too will be allowed to play with these little gems! It encourages you to work twice as hard, doesn’t it?

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