5 Tips to Make a Magical Customer Event

02 January 2019 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

Customer events are a good way to reinforce relationships between companies and clients, to share the culture and values of your enterprise, to propose innovative and creative ideas, in a convivial atmosphere. This special event has to be useful and pleasant. Participants desire beautiful decorations, entertainment, and much more. At Eventdrive, we’ve decided to give you our little tips to make your customer events magical in 2019! 

Start from the basics: understand your target audience’s expectations

Planning an event is easy. Especially for the excellent planner you are! But organizing an customer event with a little something extra, that will make a lasting impression, is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. Don’t forget that the satisfaction of your participants is the main objective and to achieve it, you have to know how to do it well.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean investing half your budget in an party. All you need to do is to be attentive to the details and be able to accurately understand your target audience’s expectations. To do this, you have several options: distribute a survey, ask questions on social media or analyze what has already worked. In short, before you start taking steps that will not lead to anything, take the time to think.

Is it done? Then all we have to do is get started! And to guide you, here are some ideas that may inspire you. ?

5 ideas to follow during your customer events!

You didn’t think you would be suggested a magician when you were asked to make your customer events magical? Well, we did it anyway! The entertainment may seem trivial to you, but don’t get me wrong, it will be a hit. Magicians have seen the interest in officiating at corporate events and make it their specialty. By cleverly mixing their magician skills and their humorous side, the hosts can impress your guests and relax the atmosphere.

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We remind it to you in every article, but in case you missed it, let us tell you that it’s time to use new technologies in your customer events. And to add a little magic to all this, why not use holograms?

The technology is not yet well promoted, but the hologram is a great thing! Futuristic, original and above all, affordable, it is the ideal plan to impress your guests. Be careful, we are not talking about creating the Claude François look-alike, but rather about highlighting your products through a modern representation.

In particular, it is the ideal option for product launches. Thanks to this technology tool, you will always keep the attention of your attendee.

There is no need to remind yourself how important it is to involve your participants. Whether by involving them in a competition or by giving them the opportunity to speak at a seminar, exchanging ideas is essential.

And there is no shortage of new ideas to promote interactivity within an event. Like the festival Montreal en Lumières, invite your guests to participate. In the previous edition, participants were invited to take control of some lighting systems using 3G from the Bell network (a phone company in Canada).

They could then show drawings on the surrounding buildings. In addition to entertaining passers-by, the activity was a hit with more than 10,000 shares on social networks. In addition, the staging was lucrative as a partnership with a major brand was set up. When we say that interactivity is good!

The theme of your customer event is also very important. Do you want to touch the heartstrings of your participants? Focus on themes that will bring them back to childhood!

Why not have a superhero night? You can provide gloves, masks, capes and other pieces of costumes of all kinds. For the decoration, hang film posters or use more funky colors, a bit like those used in comics. You can also associate a superhero with each of your guests by giving them a power they can use throughout the evening.

Don’t worry, you won’t be able to give your participants the right to throw lasers with their eyes or to carry a car with their little finger. But if you are imaginative, you could introduce rewards related to business life.

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After talking about the theme of decoration, don’t forget what your guests are going to eat! That’s the first thing they’ll talk about when they get home (at least that’s what we do at Eventdrive). If you keep in mind that your objective is to make your event magical, we recommend that you offer product tastings that are just as magical.

Do you know what we’re talking about? Candies, of course! Believe us, the establishment of a candy bar will make people happy. Let your guests help themselves and make up a small stock of their favourite sweets, which they can even take home. Guaranteed success!

For the most gourmet, you should know that it also exists with chocolate. But if you are more interested in your guests’ appearance, you can also offer a fruit bar. There’s something for everyone. ?

Do you now believe us when we tell you that it is possible to make your customer events magical? There are many possibilities, just use your imagination and understand what will really amaze your guests. Once you know it, that’s all you have to do. ?

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