5 Tips for A Successful Event Video Live Stream

23 October 2020 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.
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Event video live streams are becoming more and more popular. Even though they have become ubiquitous, they still need to be successful! Because what's worse than a low-end video with poor-quality sound to broadcast the event you've been working on for months?

Fortunately, Eventdrive is here to help you avoid making mistakes and offers you precious advice on how to successfully capture the video of your future online event.

Take the time to identify the option that best suits your event.

The right format is very important when choosing your online event. You have two choices: live or pre-recorded. Among these choices, there are several ways to broadcast your event. Either you broadcast 100% live, or your event sessions are entirely pre-recorded, or you have a mix of both. 

Live streaming your event is the closest option to a live event. It's authentic and allows your attendees to have a true event experience and interact in real-time with the other attendees as well as the speakers. We strongly recommend this option.

The pre-recorded version allows you to broadcast your event at a given time and thus is an option to consider for those who wish to ensure that the right things are being said. With a pre-recorded video you can correct your speech if need be. You benefit from several possible retakes, unlike with a live broadcast. But, be careful that your stream doesn’t look like a webinar. In order to do this, you’ll definitely need to prepare your speakers with a public speaking coach

Another option is to have a mix of a live broadcast and pre-recorded videos. You can very easily film your event beforehand and right after the pre-recorded video have a live Q&A. This will allow you to be more flexible and offer a better experience to your participants.

Choose the shooting mode

To shoot your event and broadcast it live, you have two options. You can simply opt for your computer camera: the speaker talks in front of their screen. This type of video capture is very easy to set up and requires little financial investment. However, it could be a little too "simple" for your audience. It is therefore important to clearly define the message you want to deliver. 

This method has nevertheless the advantage of bringing a feeling of closeness between the speaker and his audience. There is, of course, a screen that separates the different attendees and speakers, nonetheless the listener may have the feeling that the speaker is addressing them directly.

As an alternative, you can use a professional camera to record your event. External cameras usually have the advantage of offering a better image quality. This also allows you to take broader shots. You can also use several of them in order to have different angles of view, and switch between during the live broadcast. The speaker can then give their talk from a stage. This is why this shooting mode is recommended for hybrid events.

An in-between bonus option: a streaming camera with a light ring. Both affordable and convenient, it is a tool that will provide better video quality and brightness to improve visibility for your attendees. So you won't need to set up a complex layout!

Get ready before the big day

Preparation is key before capturing your live event. Before the big day, make sure your equipment is working properly. If you are using a professional camera, make sure it is well adapted to the different scenes you want to shoot.

The same goes for the equipment that will record the sound. Make sure they are compatible with your cameras. Finally, think about the battery, it would be a shame to have only the opening speech on video, because you didn't have enough power...

If it is a video that will be broadcasted live, it is important to consider technical details such as camera locations, light or background noise. These kinds of details can easily be fixed if you can reshoot several takes, but for a live broadcast, you only get one shot. So don't leave things to chance and take the time to check these details before filming.

Finally, consider the style of your video. Do you want your video to be very professional and structured? Or on the contrary, do you prefer a more relaxed video with focus changes and more dynamic shots? It is important to determine these points in advance to save time on the day of shooting. 


Include guest feedback in your video

If you plan to shoot an event video with several cameras, it can be interesting to record the participants' feedback during the event. You will bring a human touch to your broadcast by capturing authentic reactions. If you have several cameras connected to your live event, you can switch the cameras to make the rendering more dynamic, by inserting shots of the speaker and scenes showing the audience.

In addition, switching shots during the live broadcast of your event will bring a touch of action that always feels good!

Be careful though, if you plan to do this kind of editing, you will need a larger team. The first one will be responsible for the camera filming the speaker and his presentation, while the second one will be in charge of capturing the audience!

Think about the replay

The recording of your event must be flawless, not only for live transmission, but also for replay. Indeed, it is highly likely that your recording will be broadcast to your participants after the event.

Replays allow people who were not able to attend the first broadcast to see the event. But it is also a way for those who were present to watch their favorite moments again.

It is therefore important to think about your video capture with the replay in mind. For example, you can make a small montage of the video to add an intro, transitions or combine different scenes. This is particularly useful if you have recorded different sessions for example.

If you have decided to broadcast your next event live, we can only congratulate you! Whether you choose a video filmed with a professional camera or with your computer's built-in camera, don't forget to follow our few simple but effective tips. You will have a quality rendering that will blow your guests away, that's for sure!

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