Discover our #eventtech partners, for your events.

4 types of partners we have to ensure the success of your event


Our technical partner

Logo Brainsonic

Brainsonic offers companies very versatile expertises in digital marketing and the use of communication channels. The company offers its customers constructive and effective solutions in response to their ultimate goals. For example, it uses Youtubers to launch new products, creates webseries to explain the technical aspects of a product or service, or develops web applications for a company that wants to digitize its communication.

Our activity partners

Logo For Event

Forevent is an event agency located in Ile-de France and Gironde, specialized in the animation of seminars, conventions, trade fairs, corporate parties and innovative team building activities.
Forevent imagines and produces original events that move in the place of your choice all over France.

You will find in their catalog filled with exclusive events for example:

  • The 2CV Mechanic, where participants had to dismount and reassemble a real 2CV in less than 2 hours;
  • The Story Bubbles, on the creation of business comics with stunning realistic aspects; all with the guarantee of quality For Event.

Evaluate the impact of your event thanks to the touch panels Forevent collects on site, know the opinion of your participants in less than 2min.

Logo Social Dynamite

Social Dynamite is a social selling platform that helps companies deliver content more effectively on social media. In order to increase the company’s digital visibility, Social Dynamite centralizes brand content on a social wall and proceeds with the implementation of targeted mailing campaigns by selecting ambassadors. After strengthening the company’s profile on social media and launching campaigns, Social Dynamite is responsible for analyzing their impact and return on investment.

Our Equipment partners

Logo Unilom

Unilom is a supplier of computer equipment for events: tablets, computers, printers, anti-theft devices, touch terminals … In addition to renting and setting up at the venue, Unilom customizes its equipment with brand colors, software settings and integrating the Eventdrive applications of the event (registration, quiz, evaluation of the event…) to make it more accessible and more virtual.

Logo Easy Tablettes

Easy Tablettes is a provider of tablets and stands for companies with higher than average quantity and duration requirements. Easy tablet can indeed rent inventory of more than 2500 devices over 24 months! In addition to rental, delivery and pickup, Easy Tablets customizes its devices and software to the colors of the company or event. Finally, the company is responsible for providing the internet connectivity of the equipment it leases (preloaded 4G chips, nomadic routers …), locks and a full technical support.

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