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Discover the Eventdrive experience

Create and plan

Adopt a 360° vision

With Eventdrive, all your events are on an single platform. Say goodbye to your bulky excel files and sticky notes stuck everywhere on your desk. Our platform enables you to manage all the processes from A to Z. So easy!

Unburden yourself from all of these redundant tasks with low interest, and be focused on creating value instead. Such little things is what will make the difference during your event. Then, it is your move to create the « wow » experience that all you attendees are waiting for.

As simple as hello.

Invite and register

Gather people 

Modify, delete and add attendees thanks to our participants’ managerial tool. Be sure not to forget anyone – because revenge is a dish best served cold.

No need for you to have competences in coding or Photoshop. Just imagine and create the most beautiful communication tools to stay consistent with your brand image : mailings, website, registration form… Become the designer that you have always dreamed of being.

Each detail matters.

Engage and interact

give them a voice

If the human being is endowed of speaking, it is to be used ! Allow your attendees to be heard thanks to the interactive social wall, to vote or answer to your questions live !

Ensure your guests meet each other for networking ! Every attendee can personalise its profile and interact with the others guests. Be certain that an app aiming to connect attendees and create links between people is the key for a successful event.

This is the Voice.

Measure and analyze

Take control

Before, during and after, measure the success of your event at each point of contact: registration, participation, engagement, satisfaction, ROI. So many KPI’s that will enable you to take decisions that will positively impact your business.

Facilitate the reading of your results thanks to our interactive dashboards and export them in an Excel file for an in-depth analysis. You are holding the cards.

You’ve got the power.


Sylvie Gaudy

The Division’s director, Reed Expositions

“With Eventdrive, attendees from the trade show have lived an unique experience.”

Christine Arnold

Director, IBM France Academy

“We were fully satisfied of the product’s added value that increased commercial team performances during an event gathering 1000 participants.”

Laure Pourageaud

Europe HR Director, Sage

“The mobile app brought modernity and brightened up our event in order to, at the end, contribute to its success.”

Marine Brun-Pouvreau

Event Director, Société Générale

“To choose Eventdrive is to opt for a complete solution, flexible and robust endowed of a dynamic and skilled team to support you.”


Save time. Use Eventdrive for your events.

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