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At Eventdrive, we believe that by simplifying administration and logistics, you can finally give free rein to your creativity and create unique experiences for your participants.
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Why use an event management software?

The job of an event planner is ranked among the 5 most stressful jobs in the world. When dealing with clients, whether internal or external, the event planner is in all cases on the front line. Meticulous and rigorous, he has a natural ability to think about the smallest details.
Unfortunately, the tools he uses are often not up to his potential and talent. In fact, did you know that 70% of event planners still use Excel every day, whether for project management, invitations, communication, participant management or statistics related to their event? Damn it!
Don’t you think it’s time to automate the management of your events: no more time-consuming and redundant tasks, let the creation of added value begins. Simplify your life and offer a unique experience to your participants. In short, make the difference.
With an event management software like Eventdrive, you will make the difference thanks to these three pillars: centralization, automation, customization.

The pillars of the event management software



A unique software to centralize all your data. No more need to use a multitude of tools: you don’t have to multiply account creations and spend time navigating from one tool to another. You reduce the training time by 5, time you can now spend creating added value.
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A complete and powerful infrastructure to save time wisely. Out of 50 annual events, the use of an event management software allows you to save almost 175 hours over a year, that is to say a little more than 7 days! Schedule your invitation campaigns, either by email or SMS, collect data in a single entry point, automatically manage the validation process of your event budget.
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A smart interface to personalize your participants’ experience but also your event management experience. From an event management software to guest satisfaction, it’s only a step away. With a software, you will be able to create a custom event, with your image and your colors, support the participants in their relationship with your brand and your event, analyze with relevance all the data you will have collected.
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Our White Paper on Event Management Software

Why do you need an EMS to manage your events

An event management software: why?

Written by and for event planners, this white paper tells you all about the benefits of choosing a platform to create unique and high-impact professional events. To download now!
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If you’re already convinced…

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