Livestream your virtual & hybrid events

Looking to organize interactive virtual events? Eventdrive has everything you need to livestream your events online and engage your participants. Our solution goes above and beyond what a standard videoconferencing solution has to offer.
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Live stream your virtual events


Broadcast your virtual or hybrid event live

Broadcast your events online on your branded and custom event site. Speakers share their webcam and screen as they are used to do on their web conferencing system. No additional tool needed, it's all embedded in Eventdrive: on the event website, invite emails...

A reinforced protection of your content

With the Watermarking feature from Eventdrive, a personalized watermark with the participant's full name and the date of your event is displayed on top of your video stream. Thereby, if a participant reveals content shown at your online event, their identity will be right there with it. Even though the idea of zero risks does not exist, Eventdrive's Watermarking feature helps to dissuade participants from sharing confidential content thus limiting the chances of a leak.
Event agenda

Multi-sessions & Workshops

Organize events with simultaneous sessions and workshops. Participants can browse through their personalized agenda to quickly access the sessions they're registered to attend.
Partagez vos vidéos durant votre live

Share videos

Add your latest promotional videos, highlight your sponsors or play a pre-recorded session directly from the platform. You could follow up your pre-recorded session with with a live Q&A to create an even closer experience.
Custom design

Create a branded immersive experience

Give your participants a memorable experience. Your virtual event is part of your event website with access to all your content. Your participants has everything they need for a seamless experience. You can customize your live event and sessions to match your corporate identity.
Illustration de la discussion instantanée

Boost interactivity

Let your participants be part of the discussion with stakeholders through instant messages, emojis and gifs on the chat. Use the interactive features such as quizzes, polls, word clouds and live Q&A to energize your online events and capture your guests' attention. Your participants can also speak up and interact using their webcam and audio for even more engaging workshops.

Replay available

The recording can be activated or interrupted in a click. Replay is available right after the end of a session. It can be downloaded by the organizer.

Protect your digital event event

Live stream your virtual events with peace of mind. Your event link is secured and attendee access is guaranteed since no software download is required to participate in your online event. Your personal and sensitive data are hosted in France all while respecting GDPR requirements.
Analytics participants

Track your performance

Gather real-time data from your online event. Online check-in is done as soon as your participants connect. Analyze the data from your interactivity to calculate your engagement rates. Send your surveys at the end of each session and allow your participants to respond directly within your virtual event space for an even better response rate and fresh feedback.
Eventdrive is the touch that was missing at our corporate events to bring the digital side. It's the "little" extra something the attendees love!
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Marie Hamann
Group Internal Communications Manager, Groupama



A unique event experience requires the creation of human bonds. Perfect: the Eventdrive mobile application multiplies the exchanges between participants but also with speakers and organizers.


Without any coding skills, you design a custom mobile application, i.e. a white-label application. You choose a web app or an application according to your needs.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

You always carry your cell phone with you, don't you? So do your guests. They'll find all the information related to the event on it. A last-minute change of plans? A change in the back office and your guests are notified.

Real-time data

The event application allows detailed statistical monitoring. You will thus know what worked well, who your influencers are, or whether your communication was effective: number of connections, services used, engagement rate...

Download our eBook: How To Create a Virtual Event

From sound and lighting to choosing a virtual event platform, this complete guide has all the tips and tricks to get started in creating virtual events!

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Event Performance

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Say hello to your mobile event app

And say goodbye to the printed programs, to the guests who stay in their corners and to the soporific plenaries!