Managing your event's invitations

Harmonize your communications and manage invitations to your event across all channels: emails, SMS, website ... for events that reflect you.
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Simplify the invitation of attendees to your event


A showcase website for all your events

Create a customized showcase website that groups all your corporate events in one spot. Maximize the visibility all your events for better registration rates. Optimize your overall event marketing and registration process.
Custom design

Design a custom invitation website

Develop without a single line of code a website with your own colors to register participants.
Formulaire d'enregistrement

Make your own registration forms

Build your custom forms to collect the right information.
Email d'invitation

Choose your event invitation tool: email or SMS

Create and send your emails and SMS of invitation, confirmation and reminder.
Liste des participants

Manage the guests at your event

Manage your guests and all their data from a single platform.
Eventdrive is a communication tool I don't want to do without. It's all ready, coded, easy to communicate with my guests!
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Clara Vanini
Project manager in digital strategy and sports events, Sportpack

The advantages of managing the invitation to an online event

Data centralization

All your events are gathered on a single platform and all the information is synchronized in real time: no more redundant tasks, no more risk of error or loss of data.

Professional communication

You create all your communication supports without any code or design skills, while all your registration funnel is coherent and interconnected.

Saving time

Thanks to the use of templates and an ergonomic interface, your ephemeral site is created in 20 minutes and your emails in 5 minutes. Confirmation messages are sent automatically. Efficiency becomes reality!


You attach your participants to lists, or they are added automatically by the platform. You can then target these lists when you send out communications. Perfect for sending the right message to the right recipient.

Showcase Website

A showcase website is a catalog of your events. Each event is listed with their name, image, date and description. Event Managers can select which events to display on this website. Each event showcase website has a dedicated URL. Participants can filter by keywords, dates, and places. When an even is selected, they are redirected to the dedicated website for more information about the event.

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Event Performance

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It's up to you to manage your event invitations!

And build your communication plan in 30 minutes maximum.