Manage your events easily

Choose a single platform to boost your productivity, impact and ROI.

What we bring you to manage your events


A centralized management

Bring your events together on a single platform for a global vision.

Automated processes

Schedule your mailings and create content templates.

A personalized communication

Offer an experience that reflects your image and is customized to your participants.

Our added value

Un accompagnement aux petits oignons

A great support

Support, a dedicated customer success manager, a database of more than 250 articles on the platform, webinars… Enough to make you feel supported organizing successful events.
Vos données hébergées en toute sécurité

Your data hosted safely

Compliance with the GDPR, encrypted data hosted in France, automatic removal of sensitive information, score of 98% during quality audits of major French groups… Enough to feel reassured to organize responsible events.
Des ressources inspirantes

Inspiring resources

Blog articles on industry trends, insights on major themes, concrete advice, white papers or guides to explore the major topics of your business, inspiration through templates (emails, sites) … All of which will inspire you to manage events with a difference.
La communauté des events designers modernes

The community of modern event designers

A community that shares the same challenges and wishes to exchange on its issues: a common tool, multi-year meetings, qualitative content. Enough to make you feel surrounded to organize unique events.
Une vision

A vision

Creativity expresses itself more or less freely. It all depends on whether it is buried inside you or already ready to spring up. We believe that by giving you the time, the tools and the methodology you need, you will be able to reveal it and exploit it to its full potential. This is what makes you feel the urge to manage creative events.
Des clients bichonnés


More than 150 customers and 2,500 users use Eventdrive on a daily basis to make the organization of their events easier. More than 384 working days saved thanks to the platform in 2018! Enough to make you feel boosted to organize human events.
Une équipe passionnée

A passionate team

The strength of Eventdrive is its team (hello Eventdrivers)! A platform designed by event managers for event managers is rare enough to be highlighted. It’s a great way to feel listened to in order to organize memorable events.
Des partenaires


A marketplace of handpicked partners, customer experience champions, the kind you can’t find on every corner. So that you can manage all your events from the platform. So that you feel free to organize quality events.

Our platform to manage your events











Eventdrive assists you in the organization of events that meets your wishes