Centralize the event management

Bring your events together on a single platform for a 360° view.
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4 steps to centralize your event management


Set up the solution

Create your Eventdrive account and customize your back-office.

Invite your team members

Send an automatic email to your team members to invite them to sign up.

Manage roles and permissions

Customize access and budget validation cycle.

Create your events

Your teams can now easily organize their events.

Why centralize your event management?

Gagnez du temps avec Eventdrive !

Time saving

An event manager uses 7 tools on average. By centralizing the management of his events, he will no longer switch from one tool to another and will gain an average of 1h10 per day. Discover our event management solution.
Répartissez les tâches entre collaborateurs


In network mode, collaborators cannot work simultaneously on a file. With a single online platform, they can now manage their events continuously.
Harmonisez vos différents supports de communication


Without Eventdrive: 35 events = 35 different processes. With Eventdrive, 35 events = 1 single process. Thanks to the platform, you can standardize your event approach to increase efficiency and performance.
Centralisez vos données pour plus de sécurité


Seven tools mean seven storage locations and seven times the risk of misplacing data. With Eventdrive, you centralize the data of your events, while ensuring compliance with the GDPR.
Avec Eventdrive soyez plus créatifs, pour plus d'impact


Before, each event was treated as an element in its own right. Now, it is part of a whole. You adopt a global vision of your event strategy in process management, performance analysis and image control.
Eventdrive has enabled us to drastically reduce the time spent on organizing our events by helping us to structure our processes, model our tools and automate as many actions as possible.
Fabienne de Riberolles
Fabienne de Riberolles
Group Events Director, Société Générale

Why choose an event management software?

An event management software for what?

Written by and for event planners, this white paper this white paper tells you all about the importance of choosing a platform to create unique and impactful professional events. Don't wait to download it!
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The other advantages of an event management platform



Schedule your mailings and create content templates.


Offer an experience that reflects your image and is tailor-made for your participants.

Simplify your event management