Automate the corporate event management

Schedule your mailings and create content templates.
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4 steps to automate the organization of your events


Set up the solution

Create your Eventdrive account and customize your back-office.

Invite your team members

Send an automatic email to your employees and customize access and the budget validation cycle.

Integrate your content templates

Forms, emails, registration site, application design, create templates that can be used by everyone in your organization.

Create your events

Your teams can now organize their events with ease.

Why automate the organization of your events?

Une productivité accrue grâce à Eventdrive !


Without platform: 20 minutes to create a registration site, 15 minutes to design an invitation email, 2 minutes per participant to send the confirmation. With platform: 9 minutes in total. That’s all there is to say.
Harmonisez vos différents supports de communication


1 organization = 35 events = 35 different visual identities. With Eventdrive, 35 events = 1 visual identity. Thanks to the platform, you create large-scale replicable models to reinforce your brand image.
Plus d'indépendance !


Schedule the sending of emails and SMS, automate the sending of confirmation emails and the validation cycle of your budget. The mental load of your teams is lightened to the benefit of creativity. Discover our vision.
Eventdrive has allowed us to drastically reduce the time spent organizing our events by helping us to structure our processes, model our tools and automate as many actions as possible.
Fabienne de Riberolles
Fabienne de Riberolles
Group Events Director, Société Générale

Why choose an event organization software?

Livre blanc : pourquoi vous avez besoin dune plateforme digitale pour gerez vos evenements ?

An event organization software for what?

Written by and for event planners, this white paper this white paper tells you all about the importance of choosing a platform to create unique and impactful professional events. Don't wait to download it!
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Les autres avantages d’une plateforme de gestion d'événements



Bring your events together on a single platform for a global vision.


Offer an experience that reflects your image and is tailor-made for your participants.

Make your corporate event management easier