Professionalize events in your SME

Do you want to structure your SME's event strategy? Do you want to communicate in a professional manner while saving time? Find out how Eventdrive can help you!
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Events in SMEs thanks to a platform

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Save time

An event project manager in SMEs uses 7 tools on average. By centralizing the management of its events, it will no longer switch from one tool to another and will gain on average 1h10 per day.
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Professionalize your communication tools

Without platform: 20 minutes to create a registration site, 15 minutes to design an invitation email, 2 minutes per participant to send the confirmation. With platform: 9 minutes in total. All is said.
Event networking

Give your guests a memorable experience

You create a dedicated mobile application for each of your customers and you integrate networking, interactivity or information tools.

Secure your data

Who says 7 tools, says 7 storage locations and 7 times more risk of losing data. With Eventdrive, you centralize the data of your events, while ensuring compliance with the GDPR.
Event analytics

Track your indicators in real time

You set up reports for each event and for your SME. You access the monitoring of your indicators in real time and measure your return on investment at a glance.

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