Plan a conference with Eventdrive

Simplify the planning of your conferences by using an event management platform: invitations, discussions with speakers, communication and performance, you control everything from A to Z.
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Why planning a conference?

Meet other people interested in the same topic in order to create at least exchanges, if not a real community
To stimulate a debate or exchanges around a common theme, a topical subject...
Transmit information, for example on a new technical patent
Share an experience to inspire or motivate, especially employees

Plan a conference with a platform

Are you looking for a platform to plan your conference? Manage registrations, hire participants, promote your event, analyze your performance... Everything is there!

Manage your conference registrations

Structure the planning of your conference: a tailor-made form, a registration site in your colors, personalized invitation emails and the management of your registrants at a glance.

Invite your guests to ask their questions

Suggest that guests interact through questions on the application, votes, word clouds, etc. Speakers will be able to respond to them live.

Share publications about your conference in real time

If you want your event to be relayed on the networks, create a dedicated hashtag. A social wall will thus be projected in real time on a screen.

Identify the most committed leaders

Collect data in real time about the practices of your attendees and generate reports in one click for simplified reporting.

Eventdrive features for planning a conference

Gif représentant un formulaire d'enregistrement

Manage conference registrations

Start by creating an ephemeral website without a single line of code, on your brand image, with the information of your choice. Include a form with custom and conditional fields if necessary, to collect registrations. Then program the invitation email designed in a few clicks using the drag-and-drop editor. And finally, follow live the registrations from one place.
Gif représentant un email d'invitation

Invite your associates to your conference

The invitation email is the first communication channel when planning your conference. However, creating the perfect template is not an easy task if you are not a graphic designer. Eventdrive makes your life easier with its email creation tool! But not only: design a tailor-made form, create a registration site in brand image and view your registrants at a glance.
App interactive - vote

Make interactivity the watchword of your business conference

Work deeply on your theme using in particular a dedicated lexicon, as well as a graphic guideline and a script for your interventions. Also remember to animate your plenaries and workshops through question / answer sessions or word clouds. Ready to organize seminars to infinity and beyond ?!

Simplify the organization of your business conferences