Plan your company party with Eventdrive

Simplify the planning of your company parties by using an event management platform: budget, invitations, events, you control everything from A to Z.
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The objectives of planning a company party

Foster team cohesion by sharing an collusion time outside the work environment in order to strengthen ties.
Thank associates and applaud the work done.
Create a memorable moment and develop the feeling of belonging to the company.
Integrate customers and providers into a global business strategy.

The organization of your company parties with a platform

If you were looking for a professional platform for the management of your company parties, this is the time for you! Save time, collaborate simply, liven up your evening and analyze the success of your event.

Budget management for your event

Record the expenses related to the planning of your company party, classify them by category. Automate your processes and simply validate your budget.

The invitation campaign for your company party

Design a custom form, create a registration site in brand image, send your invitation emails and view the registrants for your company party at a glance.

A multi-event mobile application

Add your personalized agenda, create different types of activities such as quizzes, word clouds or question and answer sessions, and increase the engagement rate of your event.

The dashboards of your company parties  

Analyze the behavior of your guests during the invitation phase, during and after the event and automatically generate graphs using the data collected in real time. Adapt your future strategies according to your results.

Eventdrive features for organizing your company parties

Event budget

Manage the budget for your company party  

Identify your budget objectives and add all forecast and actual expenses to your budget tool, directly from your event management platform. Measure your receipts, centralize your data and automatically validate your budget internally. Collaborating has never been easier!
Email d'invitation

Invite your employees to your company party

The invitation email is the first communication channel when planning your conference. However, creating the perfect template is not an easy task if you are not a graphic designer. Eventdrive makes your life easier with its email creation tool! But not only: design a tailor-made form, create a registration site in brand image and view your registrants at a glance.
App interactive - vote

Make interactivity the watchword of your business conference

Work deeply on your theme using in particular a dedicated lexicon, as well as a graphic guideline and a script for your interventions. Also remember to animate your plenaries and workshops through question / answer sessions or word clouds. Ready to organize seminars to infinity and beyond ?!

Simplify the organization of your corporate evenings