A software to organize your group's events

Do you represent a multinational company? Do you want to structure your event processes by choosing software for your group's events? Find out how Eventdrive can help you!
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Your mission as an event communication agency with a platform

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Boost the productivity of your teams

An event manager uses 7 tools on average. By centralizing the management of its events, it will no longer switch from one tool to another and will gain on average 1h10 per day. Thanks to the creation of models, beyond saving time when creating your events, the consistency of your brand image is guaranteed.
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Develop collaboration

In network mode, employees cannot work on a file simultaneously. With a single online platform, they can now manage their events continuously. The group's event software allows them to create task lists, delegate and prioritize.
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Harmonize your processes

Without Eventdrive: 35 events = 35 different processes. With Eventdrive, 35 events = 1 single process. Thanks to the platform, you standardize your event approach to gain in efficiency and performance.

Secure your data

Who says 7 tools, says 7 storage locations and 7 times more risk of losing data. With Eventdrive, you centralize the data of your events, while ensuring compliance with the GDPR. You can give access to your lists of participants and your budgets to compliance to facilitate monitoring.
Event analytics

Ensure group objectives are met

You set up reports for each event and for your group. You access the monitoring of your indicators in real time and measure your return on investment at a glance.

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