Every communication director needs Eventdrive

Are you a communications director and want to save time by organizing events with ease? Find out how Eventdrive can help you!
Receive a commercial proposal

Your challenges in building your event communication strategy

Guarantee of a brand image matching with your other communication channels
Efficiency of your teams in the running of their event projects
Control of key indicators and profitability of your event communication strategy

Your event communication strategy with a platform

Custom design

Your teams create communication tools in your brand image

Your teams duplicate models validated upstream according to your brand guideline to create a registration site, edit a form, send emails and SMS...

You follow the return on investment of your event strategy

Your teams record the expenses related to the organization of your events and classify them by category. You create an internal validation circuit to control the budget from A to Z.
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You control the efficiency of your teams and easily delegate

The event project manager ensures communication around the event by creating a registration site, editing a form, then sending emails and SMS. He can also manage his registrations at a glance.
Event badge

Welcome your guests

The event project manager easily creates personalized badges and uses a check-in application to welcome his participants.
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Enliven your event

The event project manager creates a mobile application dedicated to his events and integrates networking, interactivity or information tools.
Event analytics

Follow up on the event

The event project manager sets up reporting, can measure the return on investment of his events and shares satisfaction surveys with his participants.

Ready to take your event communication strategy to infinity and beyond?