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Do you represent an event communication agency? Do you want to simplify the organization of your events and provide a memorable experience for guests? Find out how Eventdrive can help you!
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The challenges of an event agency

Collection and clarification of client briefs
Finding the perfect place
Management of the relationship with providers
Project orchestration: deadlines, budget, resources…
Creative proposition: theme, interactivity
Communication and invitations

Your mission as an event communication agency with a platform

Event budget

Manage event budget

The event project manager records the expenses linked to the organization of his events, classifies them by category, creates his internal validation circuit. Ideal for controlling the budget from A to Z.
Todo list

Organize project team's tasks

You list, classify and prioritize the tasks to be carried out. You can also assign them to team members and make sure that projects are progressing well.
Gif représentant un email d'invitation

Invite your client's attendees

The event project manager ensures communication around the event by creating a registration site, editing a form, then sending emails and SMS. He can also manage his registrations at a glance.
Event networking

Delight your guests

You create a dedicated mobile application for each of your customers and you integrate networking, interactivity or information tools.

Follow up on the event

The agency sets up reporting and measures the return on investment of its events. Perfect for sharing reports with clients.
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Use a single platform

You go from one project to another in one click, you duplicate your site, email or form templates. In short, Eventdrive becomes the daily tool of your event communication agency.

Ready to boost the achievements of your event communication agency?