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Are you a MICE buyer and would you like to opt for a single event management platform? Find out how Eventdrive can help you!
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The challenges of a MICE buyer

Propose a MICE strategy adapted to the overall strategy of the company.
Optimize budget
Rationalize the number of suppliers
Monitor and manage expenses and revenues
Identify suppliers suited to the company's budget and strategy

Your MICE buyer mission with a platform

Event budget

Manage your seminar budget

The project manager records his expenses as well as the budget documents and then classifies them by category. As a MICE buyer, you create an internal validation circuit to keep control.

Keep an eye on the ROI

You get an overview of project budgets and a simplified dashboard to measure your ROI without any click.
Todo list

Increase team productivity

The event director lists, classifies and prioritizes the tasks to be performed and then delegates them to the members of the team. The tool allows you to ensure the good progress of event projects.
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Use a single platform

An event manager uses 7 tools on average. By centralizing the management of his events, he will no longer switch from one tool to another and will gain on average 1h10 per day.

Keep control of your purchases and simplify your MICE purchasing profession