Your next event is being prepared and you have just received confirmation of the date, so it is time to focus on a major point in the event planning process: finding the perfect venue for your seminar. There is no shortage of proposals and types of seminar venues are growing. So how do you choose? Don’t worry, Eventdrive has the solution! To be sure to make the right choice, simply list the elements that are particularly essential to your event. To save you time, here is a (non-exhaustive) list of criteria that may be essential for you.




Even before spending time on the pre-selected sites, there are 3 main criteria to be checked first.

  • Capacity: at the time you select your location, you are supposed to know more or less the number of guests you are about to receive. So make sure that the places you are going to focus on are large enough to accommodate your team. Be careful, however, this rule can work against you, because a too large place, empty on D-Day, could damage your image. You have to be smart when you’re an event planner!
  • The budget: another important point, it is useless to set your heart on a place if it is finally available at twice your budget. To avoid wasting time, try to find out about its market value by keeping a small margin, in cases where negotiation would be possible.

  • Availability: often, sites that offer to find a venue for an event allow you to sort the results according to the chosen date, do it! It would be a pity to have a crush on a place that is finally not available. If only those who are available appear, you will save a lot of time.

After looking at these first 3 criteria, the list has already been narrowed down. Now it is time to look in more detail at the necessary elements according to your needs.

A plenary space

If your event is aimed to host a conference or convention, you will need a plenary space. Pay attention to the capacity of this space, as it should be able to accommodate all your guests. Put yourself in a situation and imagine how your event will unfold. You love the decoration of the place, but this space seems too small to you? No endless thinking, we move on to the next one. Efficiency, please!

Modular spaces

Internal events are often organized with workshops. Often, it is decided to separate participants into small work groups to optimize productivity. It is therefore important to see if the spaces are modular. Make sure that tables are available to create individual workspaces or that the room layout can easily be modified to suit your needs.


A space dedicated to the evening

Your event involves a gala or a cocktail? This is a new point to consider. If you need seating, make sure that a large enough space can accommodate enough tables and chairs for all your guests. If, on the other hand, you decide to organize only a cocktail, the space required can easily be reduced by half. You’re the one holding the cards!

A space for break times

Do not neglect this point! Most of your participants are probably smokers, so you should think about them. Make sure that there is a space outside to accommodate them. Also think of an indoor space, especially in winter, in which you could offer pastries and hot drinks of all kinds to restore your guests for the 10am snack.



Once you have confirmed the available space in the location, other criteria should be checked. These are less prohibitive, but could give you a little more work in the future, so you might as well take the time to check them out. We told you, at Eventdrive, all we want is to make you more efficient!


Having a good internet connection is an essential point for a corporate event. Take the time to check it when booking the place. It would be a shame to arrive on D-Day and realize that wifi works better at your great aunt’s house who lives in the middle of the countryside. 😉

Equipment provided

This may seem obvious and yet! Each internal seminar requires some basic equipment such as a video projector, a screen to project or videoconferencing equipment. Be sure to ask in advance what is available on site and especially, if it is included in the rental price. Bad surprises happen quickly…


The accessibility of the selected place is a point not to be neglected. Remember to check that there is a parking lot for participants who have their own car. It is also a good thing to see if there is public transport. Finally, if you rely on proximity, try to choose a central location for guests as much as possible.


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I donwloadAccommodation

If you choose to organize your internal seminar further than your usual offices, it may be interesting to offer accommodation options to your participants. Sometimes, the places have rooms on site or benefit from preferential rates on nearby accommodations, so don’t hesitate to ask for more information. It can also be an opportunity to bring a little originality to your seminar by offering to sleep in tipis or other unusual accommodations!

Catering service

Your participants will need to eat during your event. Sometimes, a catering service is offered directly on site, which saves you a lot of hassle. Don’t neglect this part, everyone knows, your stomach first, that food is one of the most important criteria in assessing an event.

Possible activities around

An internal seminar is made to work, certainly, but not only! The next step in your organizational process is most certainly to think about organizing activities to relax participants. Save time and look for ideas now! Depending on where the place you have chosen is located, some types of activities are more suitable. Why not organize a hiking trip if your place is close to hiking trails?


As you have understood, the layout of the venue for your internal seminar is an important point not to be neglected. Keep in mind your objectives when making your choice and make sure to establish your criteria beforehand. Also think about the rest of the process to save time in your next organizational steps. Once the location has been selected, do not hesitate to share the layout of the rooms with the participants. They will already be in condition for D-Day!


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