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Sonepar Sonepar is an independent family-owned company with global market leadership in B-to-B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services. Assisting customers in a wide range of markets and drawing on the skill and passion of its 48,000 associates, Sonepar has sales of €24 billion. Through a dense network of 170 operating companies spanning 44 countries and 5 continents, and the digital solutions developed, the Sonepar Group delivers greater service and enhanced customer relations every day. Sonepar’s ambition is to become “La Référence” - the standard-setter for all its stakeholders.

In order to create and maintain the link between its agencies around the globe, Sonepar regularly organizes internal events that bring together their employees. Before meeting Eventdrive, the event organizing teams used a multitude of different tools. Switching from one tool to another sometimes led to a loss of time and consistency. This is why the group contacted Eventdrive to optimize the international teams' performance and to further digitalize their event organization, for a super interactive and engaging event. 

The problem: how to create interactivity during international events, while optimizing the management and creation of events? 

Driven by the desire to bring guests and organizers closer together in a more fluid, simplified and intuitive way, Sonepar started using the Eventdrive platform in January 2018. 

Its main objective is to enable 200 to 300 people, who have never met before, to interact with each other. Indeed, everyone comes from a different country and a different agency, which can make communication somewhat complex... The goal is therefore to engage them during the event and get them to speak up so that they get to know each other better. 


One solution: An all-in-one platform and an interactive mobile application 

Eventdrive provided Sonepar with a global platform to facilitate sharing information with organizers and participants before, during, and after the event. By allowing the team to centralize their communication - emails, website, forms, Eventdrive helped them to save time and energy.

Prior to each event, the teams used to produce and print organization charts with photos and agendas. Now, everything is centralized on one single easy-to-use platform. Maximum flexibility and no more need to print - and a way of helping to make planet greener in the process.

While the platform was being used more and more frequently, Sonepar found themselves faced with a strong need for training. But that was without mentioning Eventdrive's Customer Success team and the ease of use of the tool. "In an hour and a half, employees are trained and operational," claims Julien Frocourt, Internal Communication Manager.

The Eventdrive application also allows participants to exchange and participate in interactive activities through collaborative tools such as word clouds, polls, and quizzes. Thanks to a news feed dedicated to the event in progress, guests can share their experience by publishing photos and testimonials with their name or anonymously, which favors the freedom of expression. Guests also have the ability to network by accessing each other's profiles, which are created by each participant.

The results: a fluid and coherent event organization process 

These international events are a real important part of Sonepar's internal communication strategy. Using Eventdrive has made it possible to professionalize their approach and duplicate them on a larger scale. 

In summary, since 2018, more than 3,000 employees have used the Eventdrive application at more than thirty events organized with Eventdrive. 9 out of 10 people log on to the event application: 1,000 participants and more than 200 photos posted over two days for the France convention. Finally, there were many reactions to the speakers' speeches with live question and answer sessions. 

What we like about Eventdrive is the close relationship we have with them. It's an open discussion when it comes to product evolution and optimization. If our requests are relevant, their teams integrate them into the product development roadmap. In addition to all the features, this is also why the Sonepar Group uses Eventdrive worldwide.
Témoignage de Julien Frocourt
Témoignage de Julien Frocourt
Communication Manager chez Sonepar

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