Virtual reality in events, a true competitive advantage

12 June 2019 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

Technology is a true way of communication, connecting people together worldwide. After the invention of the radio, mobile phone and internet, here we face a new type of technology: virtual reality. Virtual reality is a way for transposing a reality to an other, thanks to a headset put on our eyes, equipped with a screen. Therefore, it is possible to broadcast images of a country at the other side of the world and to be totally immersed. You only have to look around you to forget that it is not real!

This technology can be used in several circumstances, to entertain or to educate for example, and become very advantageous during a professional event. Indeed, VR headsets often are a surprise that catches attention. For instance, on the Viva Technology 2019 trade show, I could try virtual reality in an educational context where the objective was to sensibilise about the health of our arteries. Thus, I have been brought in an artery, discovering the composition of this one by looking around me.

As a little-known technology from general public, it instigates curiosity and impresses during the first try of the participant. And I can attest of it! It is pretty stunning. These kinds of feelings and emotions are very researched by events planners to make their events unforgettable with innovative technologies, in order to engage and entertain guests.

Easy of use

Virtual reality headsets have a real competitive advantage according to other technologies or entertaining products, particularly thanks to their easy of use. Indeed, these little magic headsets can be held in a hand and are generally lights. They do not require technical preparations or particular materials.  

In 2017, most popular VR headsets were the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. To use them, we had to connect them to a PC for example, that was transmitting images into headsets. Then, mobile virtual reality headsets have been released, such as the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Carboard, where we only needed to embed the phone directly in the headset. So, the headset becomes totally movable and easily transportable.

In 2018 appeared a new type of headset : autonomous VR headsets that do not require any app of external software. Indeed, the graphic card, the software, the battery and all the rest is already integrated within the headset, such as the Oculus Go. With autonomous headsets, take advantage of a total freedom of use during your professional events! ?

Un homme porte un casque de réalité virtuelle. Cette photo est l'image principale de l'article de blog rédigé par l'entreprise Eventdrive

Attractiveness of the product

It is not rare to see stands among great trade shows where it is possible to try virtual reality. And seriously, it works! I could see that during the fourth edition of Viva Tech. This technology got the advantage to attract very easily curious visitors. Lines to try the tool are full!

It was the case on the Ubisoft booth, the very famous french company of video games production that proposed to discover the way for linking games and VR technology. And I can attest that the big trade show that gathered around 124 000 visitors in 3 days was full of VR headsets here and there, like if exhibitors were perfectly aware of the necessity to possess several headsets in order to attract people.

This is why, more and more, this technology is used during professional events such as seminars, customer events, teambuildings… By the way, VR headsets are one of the innovative ideas that you can find out in event marketing! Discover more in our article!

Ubisoft virtual reality

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Multiple use

The advantage of this tool is that it can fit with different types of use, making this product that accessible. VR headsets are not destined to satisfy a unique objective but can be exploited in many ways. Thus, it is possible to unleash your creativity, imagining all the possibilities during a professional event.  

Imagine bringing directly your entire audience in an other place, chose specially for your presentation. For example, let’s imagine that your product is only available in a foreign country. It would be much more complicated and costly to organise a trip with all your collaborators halfway around the world than to present your product/service immediately through avirtual reality headset.

Other option, propose it as a simple animation during your event, and take the opportunity to show your will to innovate and your commitment in the digital transition of your company by showing that it adapts to its time. A way more to increase loyalty your collaborators, with a different positioning compared to your competitors.

VR headsets really became a must have for all professionals from the event sector. The best way to differ from others is still to find THE good idea and to use this technology in different ways that the ones already existing to always amaze your guests.


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