The top 7 trends that will transform events in 2018!

07 December 2017 | Temps de lecture : 4 min.

As the perfect #eventprof, you are always in search of new trends in the industry? Last year we had informed you on the trends of 2017, Given that this article was a hit as it was in line with real trends in the industry.

This years trends going strong whilst others will revolutionize our dear sector! So let get to it, and discover the future of events!

Facial Recognition


This newly developed feature by apple in its new iPhone X, the facial ID is about to upset the established standards of its kind in the industry. Indeed, this kind of technology will allow you to permanently eliminate paper media and optimise security at an event. This has probably happened to you, you have forgot your ticket and have no battery. Well this technology will sure come in handy for situations that are similar therefore streamlining access.

Virtual Reality


This is not something new, it is a technology that is being used and developed over the years, what is truly noteworthy is how it has merged into social media. The 11th of October 2017, mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Oculus venues, a Social platform in virtual reality that enables live events to be seen with LiveNation and TicketMaster and an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It does come as a bit of a shock that live is at the center of trends in recent years. It is for this reason that we really wanted to insist on the following point as this is 1 of the 3 most hyped about event tech trends of the decade!

Live Event Streaming


A trend from 2017 is still going strong, and is in expansion! As we have highlighted on our article on social media in events, Facebook, Youtube, Periscope … All these tools allow people to tap into the event experience from a distance. Dematerialisation has become a priority for the event industry. It has become indispensable to include and allow everyone who would like to participate in your event to do so. It is a huge advantage to be able to engage your target audience even whilst they are on the sidelines of your event. Its all about creating an unique experience without worrying about the boundaries of reality.

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Live translations


The difficulty that we can have with live events is usually linked to language. Indeed, it is necessary that all the invitees understand the speaker’s point during the presentation. With technology provided by google during the presentation of Pixel 2, this will be possible! Indeed, google has presented new headphones capable of directly translating speech. You can say goodbye to language barriers thanks to this technology.

Augmented Reality


Let’s move on the “experience” part of the event. Augmented reality, you can bring 3D elements to life via a device (glasses, smartphone, tablet …). Guest are very fond of this technology, it brings a real added value to your events since it captures the attention of your audience and allows them to live through a truly unique experience! Many players have already entered the market such as Facebook or Microsoft.

Artificial Intelligence


This is the heart of the digital revolution since 2010. Apple, Google, Amazon, IBM and all other partnered companies are uniting to share their work. Seeing these giants seize these opportunities, you must understand that this is the major themes of the new century.

Integrating AI into your events could quickly simplify logistics of creating networking sessions based on common interests of guests. All needs related to the organisation will also be able to rely on predefined models and machine learning to foresee the quantities needed for your buffet. But the most important point related to AI.



We hear about it everywhere since the announcement of F8. It is simply a program thanks to AI and machine learning is able to chat with a user; It is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions. Imagine how easy it would be for your guests to ask a chatbot questions and how much it would save our staff time. A simple query like “Where can i find the eventdrive conference?” would allow the user to have an instant and perfectly accurate answer.

In summary our buzz word for the trends to come in 2018 are:

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