Finding an event venue: which tools to use?

28 March 2019 | Temps de lecture : 6 min.

Looking for a venue to organize an event is one of the essential steps in the work of an event planner. When you’ve been in the business for a long time, you have your own little habits and you know the best places, so this assignment is often quite easy – seniority has its advantages too! On the other hand, when you are just starting out, when you arrive in a new city or simply when you wish to go a little off the beaten track, the task can be more complicated. But as always, Eventdrive has a solution! Over time, we have had the opportunity to discover many tools to find the ideal place for an event. Find out our selection of 5 tools to use first, plus a little bonus, because we wanted to do this for you. 😉


Privateaser has focused its communication on originality. And the concept is quite nice! To find the perfect venue, simply indicate the type of event you want to organize, the desired date and number of guests expected and give an idea of the location. From there, the site uses its brains and offers a selection of atypical places. For instance, you can privatize old cellars transformed into a bar, rent ultramodern lofts or book barges! The advantage of using Privateaser? You will (sometimes) be able to benefit from preferential rates on drinks. And as they say, there are no small savings!

Find out Privateaser



With Kactus, same system. On the other hand, the platform is a little more specialized in the rental of exceptional places. Its catalogue includes castles, domains and villas of all kinds. But if you are looking for something more basic, Kaktus also offers coworking areas, perfect for small group meetings, for example. Whether you need to organize a seminar or a cocktail, Kaktus’s experts pay particular attention to offering a venue that is perfectly adapted to your needs. What makes Kaktus stand out? They have partnerships with many accommodations that have meeting rooms. Residential seminars that require accommodating your guests are therefore very easy to organize!

I try Kactus !



Finding a place in France is easy. But finding a place abroad can be more complicated. And your next event is in Italy! You already imagine having to contact place owners, trying to get out a few words from the Italian you learned when you were in high school. With Bizmeeting, forget it! You will surely find your happiness, because the tool offers more than 30,000 places, not only in France, but also in Europe. Assisted by a project manager from the Bizmeeting team throughout the project, the platform is the right one if you want to be supported in your research. That way, no more worries! Especially since the site is committed to send you 5 quotes in less than 48 hours, the perfect solution when you are in a hurry. Another positive point is that Bizmeeting benefits from many promotions on the different sites available in its catalogue.

I try Bizmeeting !



What you want is original, atypical, right? Your objective? Amaze your guests as soon as they set foot at your event. With SnapEvent, you should easily achieve your goal. The platform has a rather limited catalogue (still 1300 places across France), but each site has a particular charm or asset. The bonus? You can visit the places you have pre-selected in 3D, directly from your office! Whether you choose a rooftop, an art gallery or a penthouse, luxury and elegance will be part of the decor. As an all-in-one solution, SnapEvent also offers a selection of caterers, as well as entertainment, equipment and even staff to take care of your event. Nothing more to do for you!

Check out SnapEvent !



MyEvent is the reference for exceptional places throughout France. What do we particularly like about them? The two packaged offers they offer. With the first option, you only use their site as a search engine: you contact the owners of the places directly and can book without commission. By choosing this function, you are free, but do not benefit from advice. If you don’t have time to do this task, a project manager can take over and take care of the whole organization. This solution is a little more expensive, but it relieves you of all (or almost all) responsibility. In addition, thanks to their barometer, you can follow the evolution of event venue rental rates and get an idea of what is being offered by destination.

Trying out MyEvent !



Sometimes, when you have your head in the work, you forget to look further than your nose (yes, we like proverbs at Eventdrive). The location search tools are very good to guide you, especially when you are in a hurry. But don’t forget to use your own experience. And when we say that, we don’t necessarily mean your experience as an event planner. Did you love the place your cousin chose for her wedding? Contact the owner! Your best friend tells you about a place he fell in love with at his last corporate event? Find out about the name! Your family and friends, whether professional or not, are often the best source of information to find what you are looking for. That’s why it’s so important to have a good network. 🙂

La Passerelle Boulogne Lieux Digital Détox

The search for an event location should not be an obstacle in your planning process. Whatever your objectives and needs, there are many platforms on the market to support you. It is up to you to try them out and see which ones offer you a service that meets your expectations. And if despite that, you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to visit our blog, we have already made a pre-selection of a few places for you! ! 😉


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