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30 October 2018 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.
Apprenez à gérer votre retard aux événements

Winter is fast approaching and the time change is part of the equation. Don’t be upset, you’ll save an hour’s sleep! To help you survive it, here are 5 little tips that will help you manage the time change in the best way and most importantly, help you manage latecomers.

Turn on the “It’s time to go” feature on Google Maps

Google has more than one string to its bow, and many unknown features. For compulsive latecomers, and especially those who are particularly affected by the time change, the “It’s time to go” function is ideal. To activate it, simply open Google Maps on a computer (and make sure you are logged into your Google account), click on the 3 horizontal bars at the top left, then notifications and “It’s time to go”. Once this action is completed, go to your Google Calendar. All you have to do is add the time and date of your event and where it takes place. Google Maps will then notify you of the ideal departure time!

Be careful, however, not to forget to enable Google Maps mobile notifications and location tracking. As your mobile automatically synchronizes the time change, you should be alerted without worries and no more delays for you!

Adapt your lifestyle

You must, indeed, help your body to live the time change well. Do not go to bed after 10 pm to avoid exhaustion. Nevertheless, regularity is the basic rule. If you are usually more of a night wolf and tend to go to bed around midnight, don’t rush your pace. You can also limit the consumption of stimulants such as coffee, tea or caffeine-based soft drinks after 6 pm so you don’t risk disturbing your sleep.

The time change can also be an opportunity to take a nap! Not sure your boss will be seduced by the idea and yet, your performance will only be better. The purpose of all these small changes is to reduce fatigue as much as possible. Being an event planner is not easy in normal times, so don’t add tiredness that could easily have been avoided… and stop being a latecomer!

Stop being late! Change your lifestyle

Choose natural products

Perhaps you are used to being set like a clock and the time change makes you a little panicky, causing delays? You can take natural products to help you relax. Aromatherapy, for example, is an excellent solution. You can install an essential oil diffuser and choose oils with soothing properties.

It is also very good to drink relaxing herbal teas before going to bed. You will probably feel like you’re getting 100 years, but don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

Finally, if you lose sleep because of your stress, some food additives based on verbena or chamomile extracts may help you fall asleep.

Broadcast a reminder

The transition from summer to winter time may happen every year at the same period, but the chances of forgetting it are frequent! Even if social networks and the media widely broadcast the information a few days before the time change, it may be a good thing to use reminders. For instance, you can send an email to your entire team. Because you may not be a latecomer but some of you team members might be.

Also remember to notify your appointments to make sure they don’t arrive an hour late for your meeting! You can also suggest to your employees to do the same, there are many absent-minded people and the event industry requires punctuality. A reminder won’t hurt 😉

At the same time, make sure to update your company’s clocks. All electronic devices should do it automatically, but unfortunately, old machines do not yet have this function.

Use new tricks to get out of bed

Every time changes, it’s the same thing: we can’t get out of bed anymore! And even if the transition to winter time is supposed to save us an hour’s sleep, we are more tired than before. The risk? Not getting out of bed!

To overcome this, Eventdrive suggests that you install Shake It, an original application that will help you to wake up. The principle is simple, to wake up your brain using different methods and thus, push the late risers to get up. The first time your alarm clock rings, simply shake it to stop the ringing. What better way to start the day than with a little sport? If you still can’t get up, the second bell will make you use your vocal cords: you will have to shout or sing to stop the alarm. For the 3rd ring, you’ll have to tap the screen about ten times. Finally, an enigma will be given to you. Not bad, is it?

And if, despite this, the call from your bed is louder than the need to be on time for your appointments, you can activate the “Call a friend” function. Your friend will receive a text message if you let your alarm go off and will take a malicious pleasure in taking care of waking you up! Some people will love this mission, that’s for sure.

These techniques are only a small range of possibilities that can help you experience this time change in the best way. Planning an event requires a certain amount of rigour, so don’t forget to apply them if you are afraid of being overwhelmed.

However, if you are one of those who are tired of the time change, you should know that the EU has set up a Europe-wide survey to find out what people think about the issue. According to the results, 84% of the European population wants to stop the time change, so this could be the last one, enjoy it 😉

Are you dreaming of becoming an event management expert ? Everything starts with these 10 tips…

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