THE 5 Resolutions for #eventprofs in 2018

04 January 2018 | Temps de lecture : 5 min.

The new year has come and with it I hope you have already made your new year’s resolutions! If not have a look here at what we have for you! Whether it be eating healthier to travelling more, resolutions are important. They give you a direction to work towards. Having both personal resolutions and professional ones is important. Especially in event planning. We have got you covered! Here are THE 5 new year’s resolutions for #eventprofs in 2018.


1. Learn.Implement.Live Technology!

We can see that effort in properly using technology at events does not go to waste as when you properly “Learn” about what it can do for you then “Implement” using the correct means and via the right results allows you to allow you and your attendees to “Live” an amazing experience.

We had seen from our article: Top 7 trends to changing events in 2018 technology can offer you numerous event opportunities this year. Attendees love when new technologies are used. They are able to live a better event experience and let’s face it tech is fun!

2. Meticulous Decision making = Top class #eventprofs

I feel this is a given but, this topic is not emphasised enough! In our overview of the 2017 Event tech bible, a very important process was highlighted, value based decision making. In this approach you must think about the value-added, how can you get the best for your situation?

This is a great method of thinking to implement, in all aspects, as this will allow you to search for more solutions and truly critically analyse what you can bring to the table. This method allows you to easily see the benefits that decisions can create for you. Which will lead to better event outcomes at the end!

3. Get Slow!

In our fast-paced digital world, temporal barriers are nonexistent! The reality is that, we do not take a time out. Technology and all things digital have so much to offer us but… We must not get too carried away in it, a balance is necessary! This can be taken as juxtaposition to the resolution above. It is not, in fact it is something that must go hand in hand. We need to find a balance where what we do is giving us a positive outcome! “Getting slow” will allow you time to sit and reflect and you will come out with a new and more profound perspective.

Therefore, “Getting slow” will allow you to sit, think and reflect before acting. This can even be implemented into your events with ease a 2-5 minute reflection period can do wonders for you and your attendees, so they can truly observe and take in what was said during the event.

4. Get greener and leaner!

Well this is a resolutions most of say we will do e.g. go to the gym and eat healthy! The truth is these are resolutions that need a lot of work and dedication behind. But, taking baby steps is where it starts. You can find a way to exercise anywhere as an #eventprof even on a busy schedule there are numerous apps and aids that can keep you at it!

Going greener for your event just takes a bit more time but it leads to a greater change! like  going digital allows you to reduce printing costs, as no paper is used! Or finding a venue that would reduce travel of attendees.

Getting leaner is another thing in itself, you can provide healthy options to attendees, go further and offer vegetarian options to reduce the consumption of meat. Also, having break-out sessions where attendees get to move around. These are all good ideas.

5. Be more social!

How is this more possible? Your Job Description is to be social and create interactions between attendees! The thing is that social media is evolving. You are and will be able to do much more in 2018 and with 2.56 billion global mobile social media users, with a penetration rate of 34% in beginning 2017. In 2018 social media will be big we have already seen the trend of live broadcasting on Facebook for events as a 2018 trend!

With social media giants like Facebook heavily investing and innovating. This will give you a chance to interact with attendees to a whole new level. So trying and testing on social media can be a huge asset in future event marketing campaigns in 2018!


Here you have them our TOP 5 resolutions for #eventprofs! All based on lessons learned from 2017, which you can find on our blog! You have to remember that 2018 is here and it is time for setting your SMART resolutions. Hope you choose the right ones to implement and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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