The great resolutions of an Eventprof

07 September 2017 | Temps de lecture : 3 min.

It’s now back to school/Back to work time and we challenge you to have new resolutions for the new school/work year! To give some ideas on your path to self-development, here is and non-exhaustive list of different changes for you!


Sleeping More!

This can’t be stressed enough, a good nights rest equals a better you, your mood will be better during the day. Sleep is a like restorative cycle for your body we cannot do without it. We know this can be complicated considering all the work you have, but be sure that you will be more effective in being rested!

Have a balanced diet!

As an Event prof, you often find yourself lunching with a client or at an event where the catering is really great, as we understand you. Nevertheless, we need to be a little more conscious on our diet. In this trade it is hard not to hold back, but we know that you will feel better physically and psychologically by doing a little less difference!

Reading more books

Books are wonderful, they allow you to keep you in touch with reality but at the same time allow you to get away. It is important to take time to read and let your mind explore. In addition, reading allows you to enrich your vocabulary, improve your language skills, and even stay on the page if you read books from the middle.

Reducing your coffee and alcohol intake

You are not told to stop everything! It is often the mistake that people make … What you are to do is, to drink it in moderation. Coffee and alcohol are often the two beverages most consumed when you are in a business meeting. Try to reduce your does of these addictive beverages a little, limit yourself to 1 or 2 glasses of wine per day and take your coffee once every two!

Spend some quality time with your entourage!

It is well known that the organization of events takes a lot of time. But do not forget your surroundings, spending time with your team will do you the greatest good, and rake in the greatest benefits, if your team is motivated to work with you, it will show in their work.

Play sports

Again, we are aware that you do not necessarily have much time in your day but doing sports will do you a lot of good, both physically and psychologically. The more you feel good in your skin will be the more productive you will be!

Stop smoking!

The first steps to a healthier lifestyle, is to stop smoking, simply because you will see the side effects of tobacco limit not only your sporting capabilities, but your other aspects of your body like, your looks! Do not stress yourself by smoking! During your breaks you will realize that there is much more to do than to smoke!

We hope that you will choose one of these resolutions for the coming school year!

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